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Archie WANTS to be bossed around
Archie has finally picked his girl, putting an end to the longest love triangle in comic book history. According to the Archie Comics Official Website, Archie Andrews is set to propose to Veronica in the 600th issue, to go on sale September 8.

For 65 years, Archie has been dithering over two choice girls: The domestically-minded nice blonde girl, Betty, and the spoiled rich brunette vixen, Veronica.

How I poured over those comics as a kid, camping out in the back of the drugstore with a paper bag of sour candies and double digest propped on the shelves! Was I more like a Betty or a Veronica? Would I ever get over my distaste for ginger-haired men?

Now that I am older, and more experienced, I can happily give my blessing to this proposal. Those perpetually indecisive types like Archie need their bossy and high maintenance Veronicas to tell them what to do. Easygoing Betty would have been miserable.

Mind you, a better solution would have been if both Betty and Veronica simultaneously sent Archie packing, puttering off in his old Jalopy. But grrlpower has never been an Archie Comics forte.

Now the next big question, does Betty’s new single status mean that Reggie is done making time with Big Moose’s girl, Midge? Va-va-vooom!

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