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Ice cream in a cone
There is no question that G. knows what he likes.
His favourite colours are blue and yellow.
He likes to speculate whether today is a school day.
He loves his panda bears.
He loves his cousin Iris (he even offered the pandas to her so that she could sleep!)
He like to be tickled by Daddy and sung to by Mommy and he likes certain teachers a lot. In fact, he asked one of his teachers, an ex-goth who I believe favours the fairer sex out on a "date night".
Apparently this date night will involve having her over for crackers and ice cream at our house.

Speaking of ice cream, we took a walk to black dog video last night where they have a child-size scoop. Whereas usually G. asks for Chocolate or "Chocolate with a little manilla on top" (I swear, he made up this combo on his own), last night he asked for "Manilla in a cone". And he was so cute sitting there, meticulously eating his ice cream, I could have scooped him up and put him in a cone.

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