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What worked and what didn't work
Remember how I talked about how mental Kiff was going, blacking out the windows so G could sleep? Well that worked only 2 days, and then he was up again bright and early. You know what did work? Giving him the big boy bed. Now he never wakes up crying. He just plays on his own until we come get him. This AM, I came in and he was putting his socks on his hand and saying "Where are the thumb-holes?"

The potty: We picked a weekend and went with it. We stopped stickers and other incentives. Most days are accident free now, 3 weeks later, but it's still a lot of work. Basically we are always asking him if he needs to go. Although recently he's been going on his own. It's a slow process.

Herpangina: I have been meaning to write about this for ages, but in late August, Kiff and I both came down with this weird virus that manifested in us getting tongue blisters/cakers that looked like inflamed tastebuds. We had no idea what it was and NO internet research garnered us an answer. But we knew it was contagious because we both had it. I told a friend who also had it, and she had gone to the doctor who told her it was a really common, highly contagious virus that happens Aug-Oct, mostly with kids, and goes away in 7-10 days andn manifests itself in the mouth.

My Symptoms were: Horrible taste in the back of the mouth that won't go away. Then swollen throat. Painful tongue cankers. You can't eat anything acidic. Feeling run-down.  It won't keep you away from work, but it's totally preoccupying. Now Gabriel has it. poor lamb, and all he can eat is yogurt and he whines constantly.

How had I never heard of this before? What works? Nothing. All  you can do is eat alkaline foods and take painkillers if necessary.

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