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The Speech For SGD and DD's Wedding Reception
Sarah loves to celebrate other people. She’s inclusive. She’s generous. She is truly gifted at telling stories and has a huge appreciation for other good storytellers. When you are in her life, she makes room for you, she makes food for you – and if any of you have been lucky enough to dine at her table, you’ll concur – she doesn’t just make food for her friends she feeds you the most imaginably delicious morsels.

She also happens to be completely gorgeous, so won't come as a surprise when I inform you that wherever she has gone, she has amassed a collection of admirers. From the cocky jocks to thee quiet, suffering artists, there’s always been a trail of swooning menfolk.

But In my time as her friend, Sarah has always been drawn to guys with some edge. Creative, kinda wacky, and funny – funny enough to bring out her awesome, eccentric laugh.

But often with the really funny guys - I mean no slander against the comedians in the house – they’d take up a lot of space. They’d be fun and smart, but somehow, maybe they weren’t so interested in equality, and somehow, you’d end up wondering where Sarah had gone. Ultimately, there’d be a point where you’d shake your head and say, "Ummmm - nope. Not that one."

When Sarah first moved to back to Toronto from Montreal, she told me she was seeing a comedian. I bit my tongue. Really? A comedian??? Oh man. Are we going to get a chance to get a word in edgewise?

But then I met Dave. And he was lovely. Quietly, subversively funny, and he gave a lot of room for everyone to shine, too. We really liked him. Mind you, I kept waiting for some fatal flaw to rear its ugly head. But it never happened. They worked with and around each other, sharing the spotlight, celebrating each other.

I have this persistent memory of seeing Dave one night, a few weeks into their relationship, riding his bike through the college square parking lot, on his way to see Sarah at her sublet in the converted store. He had his headphones on which, I should add, you should never do. Very dangerous to ride your bike with headphones on. Somehow it affects your ability to see peripherally. But I didn’t judge.

Because even without his headphones, Dave was lost - he had this dreamy look on his face. He was going to see a girl he was crazy about. And he looked so blissed out. It was such an awesome thing to see. And although it was still early in their relationship, I remember thinking: Yep. That one.


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