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Things about Pony randomly arranged into 4
1. A couple of years ago Adina wrote on her blog, "am I the only one who's going to create content for this thing?"

Or something to that effect.

I think it had been a slow couple of days/weeks for Robot.
It seemed at the time it made me write something, or want to write something.

And then a few days later I got to see Blaine and MattyJ and Tamara and met Beth and Tim!. It was a surprise impromptu gathering in a bar called "The Orange County Social Club" in Chapel Hill, N.C. ( love that name- nice bar)

I hadn't seen Blaine or Matt in ummm, 13/14 years? Something like that.
It was weird and really cool and the conversation was interesting in the fact that it was as if we'd been speaking regularly these past few years because we all read the same website and could speak of what people were doing/saying, etc. It seemed we were quoting a lot and one thing I quoted was Pony's frustrated appeal for help with the content.

It came up by way of talking about what a great thing/forum/gift happyrobot was in general, and how maybe we (or I at least) don't take advantage of it enough and then I quoted what Pony had written (and in my head I hear her voice, although maybe when I meet her it will be nothing like what I imagine it to be- when I read her she has an American accent. I'll bet in real life it's not American.)

And, in any case, when I quoted what she said/wrote about the content, everyone laughed with this genuine/heartfelt affection.

And then Matt told a story about Rich getting fired from a college radio station (and rehired) three times.

2. I always want to blog on Pony's blog. I want to say "mee too!" or "I did not know that!" or "I used to ride a bike- a whole lot, and I liked myself when I did. But probably not as much then as now that I hear about your bike riding and I like you for riding a bike when it is cold out, and that kind of makes me like my younger self, better for doing that.

3. Pony has made me pay attention to Canada. Really, any news stories with Canada in the headlines, in the past I would more than likely skip right over. Now I read them- including a recent longish article about the Arcadians. Pony gave me the Arcadians. Thanks!

4. Adina has so many thoughts. So. So. many wonderful thoughts and her voice is clear and strong and human and searching. And I still don't know that much about her. (I do know she vacation smokes American Spirit cigarettes, or at least did once, and if I ever meet her and see her doing that I will have to tease her for it- the brand, not the smoking). She's like a book that keeps adding chapters. I vote Pony 4 more years!

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