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themes are the NEW Favorites

What is currently bumping around in my head, or "themes" . . . . this week, this month, year.

I'm tempted to create a favorites list based on this.

I am a theme person. I get something in my head and it talks to me. I'm not saying I like it- except for that powerful all knowing part.

Sometimes it's reflecting on how what's going on around me relates to a particular idea I've been playing with. Sometimes it's discovering evidence, usually a week to a month later of how this particular idea has caught on with the rest of the world references in People Magazine, quippy t.v. commercials, "in the know" mutterings on "The Daily Show".

For example, the color orange in the mid 90's. I had so decided that was my color and then, out of nowhere Starbucks goes crazy with it.

There are a few diagnosis in the DSM-IV for what I'm talking about, so I think I will leave that thought right there for now.

Tonight I trained another new potential co-worker. She works in another department in this hospital, & so training was not so intense. She works third shift part-time with that other job and has just taken on second shift part-time with my dept. In addition she works full-time for the School of Dance and Arts.

She says she doesn't sleep that much. She says since her husband died three years ago she hates to be alone in her apartment and that is why she works so much, all the time- just to keep herself occupied.

That is sooo Eric Fromme. (down side to the "theme" bit of my thoughts, is I will repeat myself).

I told her about my dog, Ginger and how she is a sweetheart, an amazing peaceful presence who makes me feel calm and centered and o.k., especially at night after the kids have gone to bed. I told her how it seemed at first kind of foolish to get a dog, to take on that responsibility, but I did it thinking it would be good for the kids plus there would be the protection part. At the very least Ginger would bark and alert me to danger so I'd have time to get my baseball bat and steak knife ready- but see- then, completely unexpectedly, she turned out to be really good company, as well.

My trainee nodded and said she'd been thinking about getting a dog- specifically a poodle. Specifically a poodle she could dye purple, since purple is her favorite color.
(She shows me her nails, which are laquered purple).

She'd never known that was possible until she'd watched an episode of "Judge Judy" and one person was suing another person because she'd requested her dog be dyed pink, but the dog came out purple.

This idea of dog dying- if it suddenly takes off and out of nowhere there are lots of little yahoo blurbs, Chelsea Clinton or Angelina Jolie or whoever are reported seen with purple dogs - and we'll all know if it does, I'd imagine. This was not anything I anticipated. This was sheer random luck.


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