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Job Update
There must be some kind of magic you folks throw out. Thank you for all your good wishes/thoughts.

I got that dog gamn job.

I got a call from Human Resources about six hours after I left the interview.

I didn't post yesterday because (1) that was way too fast. No one would believe me. I didn't believe me... And (2) I was expecting a call back today saying "oops, sorry- big mistake, we meant to call and hire the much more qualified and brilliant candidate".

I don't know why I got this job. My GPA was decent, but nothing extraordinary. My work history has put me on the periphery of patient care- IN health care, but still a far cry from monitoring tubes in people's hearts.

To apply for this job I had to print out pre-designed instructor reference forms. The forms asked the instructor to rate me ("excellent" to "not so good") on various things. One was grooming (crap, crap, crap!) and another was punctuality (just kill me now and get it over with).

I picked two instructors at random. I was kind of sickeningly terrified of asking for references. I liked my instructors a lot, but I was never the best in the class at anything and I get shy and uncomfortable around people I like, when I also know I want/need something from them. As in- I'd like to talk with them because I like them, but I also know that I need to kiss their asses so they'll like me and help me out.

This stuff tends to make me freeze up and almost avoid trying to impress them on a personal level. I have yet to find a way to develop this very important life skill.

Anyone else have this problem?

One instructor gave me a copy of the reference she filled out for me. She was kind enough to rate me as "average" on the grooming and punctuality (thank you sweet lady). She gave me "high" on professionalism and academics. I don't recall the rest.

In addition, she wrote a note saying "I would have Anne take care of any member of my family". (that note scrawled at the bottom of the form, made me cry when I read it.).

The other instructor didn't give me a copy of my reference. It could have been an oversight (60 something of us were all hankering for references and letters at that time) - or something else. I liked this instructor. I thought she liked me (but it's hard to tell with nurses- they are in general, pretty kind people).

Jason must have called and threatened the manager of the CCU. No other explanation.
"You're going to WISH for congestive heart failure after I'm done with you!"
(It's ok to envision this, because the manager is a guy- a big guy. His name is Clyde. My new manager's name is Clyde. I just love that.

I still have to take the State exam. I won't start until the end of July or the beginning of Aug. which means I will have lots of time to freak out and worry about what's in store for me.

Why does success feel so unnatural/scary? Anyone? Maybe it's just me.

I thought the interview went well, at times- especially in the beginning.
I feel I often start out strong at the start of an interview, but if I'm there too long I will sure enough say something goofy that completely destroys the good impression I might have made if only it had ended 15-20 minutes earlier.

I have already spent the last 24 hours reliving that interview. Even after getting the job- trying to figure out what I said that was right (and so of course I better be sure to keep saying, doing that right thing)- or things I said that were wrong (but they overlooked them, due to whatever it was that was the right thing that I said).

I was driving down the road this morning and of course began to recite various parts of the interview again- out loud. I glanced over at a truck that was near me, and the driver and passenger were laughing at me.

Summer is a time to do things that people laugh at you for.

At one point during the interview, they asked me "what kind of patients did you like to take care of during your clinicals?".

I said- "well, there were the one's that were laid out- like 40 year old men, in their prime who were suddenly cut down by a heart attack. And they were scared and vulnerable and so were their families. I felt like I had a lot to offer them . . . . . but then you know there are the patients with the chronic diseases and they're all like ‘doe-dee-doe, here we go again' . . . I liked both types of patients . . . . ."

(Uncomfortable pause)

Me again- "um, how do you all characterize different types of patients?"

Answer "Cardiac". (that was from Clyde, his assistant manager nods in agreement).

Another Pause- (me) "oh".

I said "doe-dee-doe" in an interview and I still got the job.

My planets have GOT to be aligned- time to drive to Virginia and buy some lottery tickets.

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