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The Idiocy of Theodicy
My favorite theodicy idiocy today is that God is a petulant asshole with poor time management skills. This is why it took Him so long to strike Japan with an earthquake, a tsunami, and at least two nuclear reactor meltdowns to punish the Japanese for Pearl Harbor. God must have been either very lazy, with a long backlog of smiting to work through, to explain why he would strike that island with a series of disasters long after everyone involved with planning and executing Pearl Harbor died.

The people who make these claims aren't really thinking out the logical consequence of what they're saying. They're making the claim that God has the same prejudices that they do--which is not abnormal. Pretty much anyone who believes in God believes in a God who hates the same people they hate. However, they also are making the claim that God is as ignorant and misguided as them.

This is a switch on the standard "God of the Gaps"--the idea that anything that we can't understand was done by God. Instead, these people seem to believe that God is just as limited as they are. I don't really understand the rationale for believing in God, but at the very least, I've always imagined that one of the main motivators is the knowledge that someone up there is more powerful and intelligent than you and can figure out how the universe should be run, even if you can't.

In fact, not only is this God lazy and in desperate need of How To Get Things Done (I know, I know, I keep putting off reading the book and setting up my 43 Folders too, I know how it goes), he also just has terrible aim. To punish the people who are already dead and who have already had multiple nuclear weapons dropped on them, this incompetent Theoidiot hit some random spot in the ocean and hoped it took care of the people who needed killing. It is a rare deity that is outmatched by Poseidon.

Frankly, I am unimpressed by this God that these people claim to worship. He hardly seems worthy of being humored, much less praise. I suspect He's just making it up as he goes along, like we all do.

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