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4 is the magic number
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Definitions in search of a word
There are so many common and not-so-common feelings and events that are desperately in need of a word to describe them. Here are some of them:

  • That sinking feeling when a girl you're chatting with first mentions her boyfriend
  • The irritation you feel when someone holds a door for you and winds up inconveniencing you
  • That particular irritation you feel when you're desperately trying not to be irritated at someone
  • The instant where passive-aggression morphs into aggression
  • The uneasy tone in your voice when you're trying to cover up a stupid comment or action by pretending you were joking
  • The lie you make up when you're caught trying to slip away following a mistaken one-night stand
  • The woman you secretly love but are "just friends" with
  • The moment you realize your friend is in love with you
  • That feeling you get when you're told by someone that they "love" you but are not "in love" with you
  • The drink that pushes you from mildly soused into full-fledged drunkenness. In lieu of a better term, I've called this The Tippling Point
  • The wild crazy plans you make with someone you just met during a night of drinking that will never be spoken of again
  • Not remembering you've seen a movie until halfway through
  • The feeling that one of your friends thinks of you as their inferior.
  • The book you buy knowing you will never ever read it, but will look good on your shelf
  • That instant in the middle of relating a story when you realize no one is paying attention anymore
  • The discomfort you feel having arrived at a party before the person who invited you
  • The panic that you might be having your midlife crisis 25 years too early
  • The feeling that, because you paid so much for it, you should be enjoying something a lot more than you actually are
  • The feeling that you should put on some music, only to realize you already actually have music on

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