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ten things to sob about regarding money if I cared

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1. Last night I dropped a contact lens on the bathroom floor, spent fifteen minutes searching, then stepped on it. $90.

2. I took in a stray kitty, fed her back to health, loved her and babied her. I thought she loved me. Then, she attacked my Garfield kitty and when I pulled her off, she attacked me! The gloves I was wearing were shredded and blood leaked out the holes from 6 puncture wounds and various scratches. The punctures became instantly infected with? Don't know, but $75 later...she has no idea what she is giving up by biting the hand that saved her; first, I said "you are POUND-BOUND!!!" (Costs $80) but then I realized she was protecting her environment (haha) and maybe some dear soul with no other living thing in her home will take her...anyone? She's quite a loving pet one-on-one. Really.

3. One morning recently, I woke up with this jagged thing sawing into the tender skin at the back of my mouth. A crater in an old filling had developed. My whole jaw ached, but I don't remember eating or drinking or spewing the missing amalgam...$412 jaw still aches because dentist-sadist-man actually put on the crown with no numbing beforehand ("most people don't need to be numbed", and in he went drills blasting).

4. This guy I really liked and trusted did some things and said some things and now I don't like him and I certainly don't trust him. Cost: Unknown.

5. Although well into Fall semester, I changed majors because my initial chosen major was careering me towards a major nervous breakdown....I will be mentally happier pursuing what I love, but the Sunk Cost = $1,000 and the Opportunity Cost = $450. That's $1,450. Plus interest. I'm so happy that the federal government doesn't mind that I've changed my mind.

6. An old friend stopped by work to see me and somehow our dinner date for the two of us--we love to write and have book plots to share with each other--turned into this group-thingy-nightmare and now neither of us want to go. Cost = $20 each for a lovely Cantonese dinner spent with the wrong people dominating the conversation--who don't write, nor care to write imagery because they are all left-brain. (Hope I don't offend anyone, but left-brain people I've met, while super smart, aren't into writing fiery and imaginative books).

7. I scheduled an Artist Date (idea from Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way) and instead of two hours, I got 15 minutes. Even though I found some cool supplies; fake webby leaves to alter and stain, copies of old-fashioned postcards to cut and collage, and turquoise blue dotlets, it cost me $30 for 15 minutes of a quickie AD. That's a lot. And I really don't like the store I went to. Every time when I'm finished shopping I have to announce, "I'm ready to pay now" in a fairly loud voice to attract an "attendant." What kind of store is that? A front for the mafia?

8. I have a really, really nice mattress. I bought a really super nice mattress for my daughter three months ago. That cat I mentioned above? She peed on both. The smell won't come out even with 6-10 treatments of Febreez each. $10 for Febreez and ?? for mattresses...the cost is irrelevant since $ are not available.

9. My job hours were cut in September and although I ran about madly trying to "borrow" hours from co-workers who wanted time off, it just didn't last. Cost = $500-700 a month. Hidden Benefit: less time spent with people who irk me.

10. Over three months ago a pharmacist cajoled me (said I had to) into going to Rite Aid to get Chloraseptic throat spray for an inpatient...this was the only sore throat treatment the patient could endure, being intubated, and the entire hospital had none. I was promised that I would be reimbursed for all expenses plus a nice mileage allotment. Date of incident: August 11th. Date spoke with boss about lack of reimbursement, Oct 1...5...10...25, Nov 5...10 10...15...20...every 5 days ad nauseum and there is no forthcoming reimbursement. Costs: 1. I'm no longer willing to "help" in this way due to lying boss even though we are asked to make these trips regularly. 2. $7.00 out of pocket. 3. When I think of how little I make in comparison to my boss I wonder, why doesn't he just hand me $7 out of his wallet and say thank you, thank you very much for doing this. Yeah, it's a piddly amount; it's the principle of it that bugs the hell out of me.

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