road dust: It's been great reading you, Pony

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day one, rising to the challenge days 2 and 3, you might be a writer if

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Think About It

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Hi Pony!

Although I have never met you, I do have one thing to say from six months of hanging out on the happyrobot:

You are the exemplified electrified heart and soul of the robot, and without you, the vital core of Robot's existence would wither!

Thank you for all of the well-placed and superlative pony-kicks you give us concerning things in the world we might not (probably would not) have heard about, cared about, or gotten involved with, if not for you.

Your voice, as many others have said today, is the Voice of Social Truth, and if you ever tried to leave happyrobot, well--I predict there would be a huge stampede of your pony-followers thronging from California to Canada to prevent that event from ever taking place.

Thanks, and Happy 4th, Adina.

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day one, rising to the challenge days 2 and 3, you might be a writer if


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