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No one wants to look like his or her parents + ROTJ + gin

Robot Applications
You know that happyrobot wants you link on the front page? That's going pretty well. I have gotten some great applications and have neglected to write back way too many people who I hope don't take it personally.
Today I got an application and I thought I would share one of the answers with you, my dear reader. Now, I know the person who wrote this, and I know that she was a latecomer to the whole Star Wars thing and only when the prequels (or the crapquels) came out did her husband insist that she see the original ones...
I recently watched "Return of the Jedi". I think I drove my husband crazy with questions. "Do you think Chewbacca looks like Barry Gibb?" "Why doesn't Luke have a girlfriend?" "Do you think we could get an Ewok?"

When I graduated from college (or to the non-yanks: university) my dear uncle took me to buy a suit. We had a great time at this swanky suit place and if you had filmed it you would could add music and have a great 'buying clothes' montage for your teen movie.

The reason I bring this up is because we had this hi-larry-us debate over shoes and it was cute in some sort of father-son / generational way. I was looking at this swanky deer skin lace up shoes, whereas my uncle was looking at the loafers.
I was not about to even try on a pair of loafers.
He got frustrated with me and said something along the lines of: "But those shoes look like something my father would wear", which was the exact same thing I was thinking in regards to the loafers.

No one wants to look like his or her parents, but we are more than happy to look like our grandparents.

Are you imaging me now in a cardigan with little flowers on it and gold trimmed glasses on a leash around my neck? Well, you should be.
My grandmother is always finding this cool stuff for me from her attic. The weird 'Reddy Kilowatt' oven mitts from Duke Electric circa 1960. The funny little ceramic tea bag holder. The retro looking orange and yellow plates (wait, it can't be retro if it's an actual item from the 'retro' time frame, right?).

I have never been sleepier than I am now. I went to this meeting thing at a hotel across the street from the friggin airport this morning. Woke up at some ungodly hour and apparently my coffee was either decaf or I just didn't drink enough because all afternoon I have been barely able to communicate (amazing I am kind of doing it now). I know all my co-workers are reading my emails today and thinking, "WTF?"

Did I mention I have a case of gin in my office. Do you like gin? Become my friend.

Reddy Kilowatt is the MAN, man! When I lived in Minneapolis, they exhumed him and put him in a 'we're a giant corporate entity, and actually a monopoly, come to think of it, but we're going to run some ads to make you feel good about is, even though we don't have to and we don't really care what you think, sucker' campaign run by the power company.

The end.
»cromulent ||  url || 5/9/2003 ||  2:49:43 PM
funny thing about the gin. i love gin. you are my friend. hint. hint.
»liz ||  5/9/2003 ||  2:53:31 PM
GIN + ME = GOOD TIMES! (hint hint)
»k ||  5/9/2003 ||  3:42:40 PM
Gotta put the gin in your bathtub.
»chris ||  5/9/2003 ||  4:25:42 PM
I like the gin. I really do.
»pony ||  5/10/2003 ||  10:20:03 AM

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