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Confession Week: Day One

My Confessions Week: Monday
As a child, I was in an Eckerds store with my mom. Eckerds is like a CVS - one of those chain drug stores.
I was in the toy section and there was a plastic dinosaur toy set that was partially opened. I reached in and took a purple brontosaurus.

I think I knew exactly what I was doing and pocketed the dinosaur and we left the store.

Shoplifting / Therapy
Oddly, that is the only shoplifting experience I ever had. I didn't do the teen shoplift thing, but I was once accused of itů

I was in a record store called 'Peaches' (lame name, eh?) in the mid-80's and I was looking for some sort of post new-wave record.
I was looking at the cassette section at first and I recall that I had a cassette in my hand and I pulled my wallet out to see how much money I had.
That is what got me flagged - I think they thought my wallet was some kind of merchandise going into my pocket.
The funny part was that I was then going through the vinyl and I was looking in the import section, which was full of all that funny stuff. Like REM, or U2.

There was this old man who was on my right looking through the records and a sales clerk on my left. The old man asked the clerk if they had some record - I don't remember which is was, but I remember thinking, "Why the hell would this 60+ man like them?"

I bought a few records and was leaving and the retard old man followed me out and was like, "what's in your pockets, son?"

I pulled out my pockets, revealing my Velcro wallet, and upon realizing what was happening said something like, "my wallet, dumbass"

To this day I often get these uncomfortable "make sure they know I am not shoplifting" feelings in stores.

A Mighty Lame Wind
We saw a 'Mighty Wind' this weekend. Have you seen it? It may just be me, but this was a pretty crappy outing for these guys (they should really have a comedy troupe name). Sure, it was funny, but the jokes were few and far between.
Look! Crazy Eugene Levy is in a motel room and people are having noisy sex next door!

Viva Los Jayne
Our friend Jayne hosted a fun-time get together Saturday. Started around 1pm in her backyard... food catered by Alma... Mariachi band... Beer and tequila flowing...
All this to celebrate the forbidden love of Eric y Reba.

Later that night we showed up at a party hungover. Woo! We then went home and crashed early, although I did stay up to watch SNL. Did you happen to see the TV Funhouse cartoon Saturday night about Osama & Saddam? Good lord that was awesome.

mmm...forbidden love...
»cromulent ||  url || 5/12/2003 ||  3:11:49 PM
hey rich, did you take those pictures from the party? if so, why the hell are you so damned good at everything you do? damn you, i hate you "good at things" people.
»klutch.xls ||  5/12/2003 ||  4:45:39 PM
no i did not take those pics. a fellow named Robbie did. he is clever.
»:r ||  5/12/2003 ||  4:54:38 PM
your friends are sweet, odd, and funny. Can I be part of your gang?
»pony ||  5/12/2003 ||  8:11:28 PM
Peaches and Eckerds...are you from Florida?
»michalita ||  5/13/2003 ||  2:59:06 PM

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