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that smell

Sitting on a bench
"we were so high on cocaine"
the man on the bench next to me just said.

Now they are rationalizing getting lap dances and how their wives/girlfriends disapprove if it.

10 minutes earlier they were discussing baby stuff. One guy's wife is having issues with her pregnancy.

I didn't realize that LA had better strip clubs than NYC.
The things I learn sitting on a park bench.
Jack ass.

I must be the most Alan-Alda-Free-to-be-You-and-me wiener compared to them.

There is a couple on the bench to my left. They just got their portraits back from the photo place and are looking at the print they picked. They have what seems to be 500,000 of the same pose, yet they appear to be going through all of them.

I am now nervous that the guy on my left could possibly read my screen.

I switch over to Outlook and look for something. Or I look like I am looking for something.

I am back. Now the guy on my left (the couple one) pulls out his sandwich. What is that smell? It smells kind of like butt or feet. Is it his sandwich?
It's an obvious homemade sandwich - big piece of bread in a little plastic baggie.

What is that smell? He's been there for like 10 minutes and now I smell this odor. It has to be his sandwich.
But, you see, this is it. He doesn't look like the kind of guy that would eat a stinky sandwich.

What is that smell?

I have misspelled 'sandwich' every time I have written it. WTF.
BTW, it's not "sandwhich"

I am stalking people and I don't even know it. That is how crappy I am - stalker wise.

Cootie's pal Tricia

What was GWB doing on 9/11
I love conspiracy. This is a fun/good/scary/anger-inducing article with a timeline of what George W. was doing on 9/11.
The paragraph starting: "An Assassination Attempt?" is some spooky stuff.
An Interesting Day: President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11

I want to see Wigfield
Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, Stephen Colbert, Todd Oldham. It's their new show.
I tried to get tickets for the NYC show using TicketCharge which was amazingly inefficient.

Confession week didn't really work out for me.

Now I have Aqualung stuck in my head.
"Sitting on a park bench... DUH, DUH-DUH DUH!"
I hate that song. But only because a friend of mine told me to hate it. I do as I'm told.
»chris ||  5/15/2003 ||  4:22:03 PM
oh come on chris. she never told you to hate aqualung. you have to hate it on your own. you just haffta!
»klutch.xls ||  5/15/2003 ||  4:38:41 PM
sweet a shout out to my peep! your such the nice boy

OH and i'm a bad stalker too ... i have become too lazy and now have my friends doing it for me
»k ||  5/15/2003 ||  11:46:47 PM

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