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71 Clinton + nudity + Honky + klutch

Email from my pal Tamara. Click the Contact button if you think you can help out/

so, here's a strange question for you. I'm working on a game show called "Can You Tell?" for oxygen, and one of the segment producers asked me if I knew any nudists today. Well, I don't really, but I saw that some girl who wrote to WWMJD likes to mow the lawn naked, and I'm wondering if she's naked a lot & if so, how to get in touch with her. If she's interested to be on this game show where a panel asks her a few questions about being nude, they'll pay her $500. It's pretty painless. Could you help me with how to get in touch with her?


PS - I can't believe I'm not kidding...

That's not how I remember it
Listen, Cootie. That is not how I remember it - you over looked a couple of key points.
HonkyCracko showed up late because of how late he his show ran at the orphanage - and how could you not mention little Tony, the lovable vagabond tramp from the orphanage who follows HC around where ever he goes. We can't forget what a joy it was to spend time with Tony this past weekend. His observations about life and the world are so precious, especially when you factor in his condition.
Tony! Make the dream come true.

Speaking of food
This weekend we dined at the lovely 71 Clinton Fresh Food place. We waltzed in on a Friday night and got seated immediately.
If you know the place, you are now thinking, "Mr. Robot must have some mysterious celebrity power that I didn't know about - suddenly I am really turned on."

No, silly! It was 10:15pm! Ha. Ha.
But let me tell you, that is a fine time to go for dinner, especially at 71 Clinton. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable and gracious. Everything we had we super de-lish.
Bravo! Super Tasty - you go now there eat!

new kitten
Eric y Reba got a new kitten this weekend. Did you see Huevos? He's a cutie patootie.

Ok, I pumped my tires finally and cleaned up Speedy McSilver and went out riding Sunday. Lovely day for it. My pal Jeff and I rode all around Red Hook and Dumbo. There was beer involved.

Klutch.xls done stole my heart
HonkoCracko brought me a box of fun from a certain Mr. Klutch.xls. Not only is Klutch one of my favorite writers, he is also quite the 'box of fun'giver.
Thanks Klutch!

What I had for breakfast last week
(Tribute to Pat)
Roll with butter and jelly
Small coffee - half French vanilla / half decaf. One sugar. Half&Half.

Roll with butter and jelly
Small coffee - half French vanilla / half decaf. One sugar. Half&Half.

Roll with butter and jelly
Small coffee - half French vanilla / half decaf. One sugar. Half&Half.

Roll with butter and jelly
Small coffee - half French vanilla / half decaf. One sugar. Half&Half.

Roll with butter and jelly
Small coffee - half French vanilla / half decaf. One sugar. Half&Half.

Your "coffee" drink has so many possible outcomes for ridicule, I don't know where to turn. Let's start with: French vanilla? I can let the half decaf slide for now, but French vanilla? Wha happen?
»tim ||  5/19/2003 ||  10:10:47 AM
what do you drink? AssCafe?
»:r ||  5/19/2003 ||  10:53:21 AM
That's me, the nekkid girl. Nate knows how to reach me and can give you my email, but I don't want it posted on the website for the world to email me. Tam, I'll talk to you but not on TV. And yes, being nude is a great way to enjoy physical freedom! I would definitely book that nude flight. Nude cruises are fun too.
»birdie ||  5/19/2003 ||  12:44:27 PM
:r: Please email me if you ever want to go on a bike ride. My girlfriend doesn't have a bicycle.
»matthew ||  5/19/2003 ||  1:37:50 PM
hey nekkid! thanks for responding back. Yeah, it's definitely different to talk on-camera about bein' all nekkid rather than just doing it at home, but i figured it couldn't hurt to ask - you never know. "Preciate you considering it. So now i'm wondering, for my own curiosity, don't your boobs get in the way while you're doing manual labor?
As for the nude flight, I'd do it if I could wear a turtleneck over all that nude...
Now we've got to talk to someday, because if our first conversation is about nude lawnmowing, who knows what the 15th conversation will be about.
»tams ||  5/19/2003 ||  6:01:42 PM

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