Well, he was black
The building I currently work in has the usual guys in the lobby who check everyone's Ids - they stand around between the front door and the elevator bank.
This morning there is man standing right before the 'lobby guys' area. As if he was coming in, and at the last minute got a call on his phone. The 'lobby guys' are actually not in the area because they are off rolling out the carpets to cover the floor because it's raining outside.

So, the only person near the 'lobby guys' area is this one lone man, in a suit with a briefcase on his phone. And he's African-American.

As I am walking by, I notice 3 white crackers (2 men, 1 woman) flashing their ID's to this guy.

Top 10 reasons why French Vanilla Coffee is better than peeing in someone's bed
1. The taste of FV doesn't stay in my mouth for hours like Hazelnut does
2. FV tastes good with cream and sugar
3. It's tasty either hot or iced
4. I can drink FV in public without being pointed at
5. Terrorists haven't declared jihad on FV coffee
6. The smell of any coffee can be pleasant
7. You don't have to buy a new mattress every time you drink FV
8. They punch my card when I buy a FV coffee
9. The girl at the deli calls me sweetheart
10. Cake goes good with FV coffee.

(Ha. I kid. I love you. I'll buy you a drink this weekend.)

I was reading an article about this big car, and they were describing the opulent back seat. The soft headrest was compared to resting your head on a fat puppy.

First, I am contradictory.
I love my IPOD. It's the greatest thing ever.
Holds tons of music and is designed so well. Love it.

I have a real crankiness with other IPOD owners though. For whatever reason, they really get in my craw. I don't exactly know why, but I think part of it is my feeling that way too many of these folks are showing off their IPOD.
On the train in the morning, there are usually at least 2 or 3 IPOD users on the same car with me, and there is always the one person who is sitting there with it and constantly fiddling with it and kind of rubbing it in everyone's face.

I think I have some sort of white/dot-com guilt with the IPOD. I am surrounded by all these different people on the train and here i am with a $400 music box thing that I can only use with my $2000+ super computer.

But enough about me. Let's make fun of the guy I saw this morning.
He gets on with shiny IPOD in hand.
Wooo! Look at my IPOD!
He's constantly fiddling with it and kind of showing off, and I am thinking, "dude, do you really have to adjust the volume or skip tracks that much? Just pick something and put it in your pocket you white-earphoned goofball".

I literally chuckle though when I get off the train and walk past him and notice that he still has that GAP sticker on his pants leg.
You know the one that is skinny and clear and has the size of the pants?

What the hell is going on there?
I saw this article on Google News about TV's 'The Friends' (as Eric would say - god bless him).
"The season finale of "Friends," which opened new romantic possibilities for Joey, Rachel and Ross, was the most popular program during a competitive week of prime-time television."

"romantic possibilities for Joey, Rachel and Ross" - ok

I think the last time I watched this show there was romantic possibilities for Ross and a monkey. Is it just group sex now?
No, no.
Don't tell me.

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