My friend Mike was just on Law and Order.
He played a cop who pooped in the woods and found a dead body.

Open letter to terrorists
Lookit! Orange Alert!
Hey, what's up? OK.
First, I don't want to even get into your general fundamentalist views, because we all know that fundamentalist views, no matter who has them is a bad idea.
It's just that now the US is in like Big Terror mode and it's causing my stomach to feel funny.
There, I said it.
Stress, which in turns gives me heartburn which in turns gives me the delightful acid reflux thing which in turns builds up until it can't be held and launches itself as vomit that lasts for hours and hours causing my wife to find me sprawled on the bathroom floor sweating and moaning and not in the good way, but in the "I just threw up all my organs" way.

So, cut it out.

Classic Teen News
"On your driver's license, it says "Eric L. Willhelm" in the name part, and right next to it there's a picture of you!"

Rachel's war
Remember that American girl who was killed in the Gaza Strip. She was there protesting the Israelis and their whole house knocking down policy.
The Guardian (and Harpers) published her last emails to her family and friends. It made me sad, warmed my heart, made me angry, pissed me off, made me sad.

Speaking of Israel, I watched a little bit of FrontLine tonight, and they were talking about Hamas and how Hamas is the next target in the war on terror right now (apparently, they have killed a ton of Americans over the years and a lot of people want payback).
That could be a real mess.
Like uber-mess.

She's marrying a guy she met on the Nerve personals thing. Go Nerve (and Leslie, too).

Brian Huskey - Comedy Guy
Brian, formely of the Naked Babies, has been doing this fun little one-man show. He was nominated for some sort of award for it. Go Brian.
The reason I mention this is that you can vote for him on this website.
Vote for Brian Huskey "Going for it"

The robot journal religion policy
Sorry, but I don't believe in holy land. Land is land, and I really don't think the lord almighty is involved in real estate.
So, quit it already.
But, remember, God granted happyrobot dot net 20 miles of ocean front property in northern California - so all you people best be movin' on!

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