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one good movie + one crappy movie

This may be the best movie of the year - I shit you not. Spellbound is a brilliant documentary that follows a group of kids from all over the USA on their way to the National Spelling Bee.
This is just a great movie. It's hilarious, heartwarming, exciting, dramatic, clever, heartbreaking, heartmending, heartslapping, heartmassaging (oops, that was El Matrix) and just generally great fun.
Jaded NY Hipsters gasp and cheer and break into applause at the end.

Much funnier than "The Year's Best Comdey" A Lamest Wind. Much more exciting than El Matrix.

Like I said, I shit you not. Keep an eye out in your local paper and see it when it rolls into your town.

Mac Store fun
We spent some time playing at the Mac Store. I have a few quick reviews.

the 12-inch Power book
Love it. Great size, fine amount of processing power, and one of the best keyboards ever for a laptop. I really don't need a laptop for personal use, and I am not really sure I need a non-PC one, but please, someone out there either give me 1900$ or get me drunk near the Mac store after payday.
Love it.

I am not sure anyone needs another browser since it pretty much seems that IE is the de facto browser now, but Safari works quite nicely. Tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker, speedy page loads, and renders pages fine (happyrobot looks fine).

The new iPod is smaller, has more space, and costs less than the previous ones. So, why have I not sold my old one yet? Well, the new ones look like shit.
There, I said it.
The controls are plastic-y and have a *nice* cheap plastic feel to them. I am sure there was a good reason to change the current controls and I would love to know why. I mean, look at the original one: functional, simple, and elegant. The new ones still have the scroll wheel thing, but now have the 4 buttons across the top - 4 buttons that are identical round buttons. Those should be easy to use by feel.

I am totally keeping my 'old' 10GB model.

I really like iCal. I don't know why.
It's just really cool.

Nemo en El Matrix!
We saw the Matrix this weekend. I don't know why.
It was a quiet weekend and we had nothing else to do. I kinda wanted to see it, but I also didn't want to see it.
Quick observations...
  • that 'clone' fight - what was with the hilarious 'eye of the tiger' meets broadway soundtrack? "we are fighting the clones! Yea! Yea!"
  • At least in our theatre, when the credits rolled, the music over them was really loud. Really really loud. My theory is that they did that to drown out the inevetible smart-ass comments from the crowd.
  • There was a of talking, but I couldn't take it very serious since Canoe Reeves was doing a lot of it. This movie, for me, was like instant A.D.D.
  • Converstion I just had with MattyJ
    Me: so what did you think of El Matrix? in two words?
    Matt: it's poop

  • Hey Rich, you may want to know that while Happy Robot looks good in Safari, the chat does not work.
    »steve jobs ||  5/27/2003 ||  9:20:31 AM
    Also, while on Safari, you are not allowed to take home a Giraffe as a souvenier.
    »klutch.xls ||  5/27/2003 ||  1:07:49 PM
    oh, yea. and i totally screwed up the IPOD
    »steve jobs ||  5/27/2003 ||  2:49:32 PM

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