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Salt Shumai

food review of the week
First, the name kinda spooked me. Salt. Why would I want to eat at a place called Salt?
But, Salt is nice.
It gets my thumbs up.
Lovely staff. Tasty 'american' food, and a great menu where you can pick your entrée and then pick two sides.
(My recovering vegatarian self had a Newport steak with asparagus and some sort of smashed up potato thing - it was dope)
Salt - 58 Macdougal Street

Fellow roboters Erik and Colin were in Brooklyn last night with their band Shumai and put on a fine show at the equally fine club SouthPaw. Erik took us backstage there, which was actually really nice - lot's of space and a free bucket of PBRs. Everyone was charming and fun and nice, and Erik brought us copies of his new book which I read some of while eating dinner after the show. He wrote and illustrated these great kid's books about these great little boys named Lenny & Mel.

Kids today have the coolest things.
When I was a pup, all I had was Free to Be you and Me.

Nice to meet you Eric & Colin & your drummer Frank (Frank, right?). Hope you had a safe trip back from the big stink.
(i have pictures!)

Blue Ribbon
I have raved about Blue Ribbon before, and I will do it again. Their 2 locations in Brookly have been about the greatest thing that has ever happened. Next to being born and getting married and being a part of this robot mish-mash. We left SouthPaw last night and found ourselves hungry from no dinner, full of PBR, on 5th avenue in Park Slope, and the time being 11:30.
What do you do!?!

Blue Ribbon is open of course. Viva late! We went to Blue Ribbon Sushi, sat at the bar and ordered a pile of fish and chomped away. It was all delish (and the bar is always fun if you like looking fish and sushi chefs).

NY Subway Stories - the documentary
I met this fellow named Ray who is doing a documentary revolving around 'subway stories'. I'll repost his info on the subway story page if any of your NY'ers or former NY'ers would like to contact him.

Dogs who say, "carry me"
I think one of the funniest dog things is when they refuse to walk anymore and force you to carry them. This morning, I saw a woman walking a black pug, and he just stopped in the middle of the street and refused to budge. She had to go and pick him up and carry him down the street.
Now, I bet ya dollars to pancakes, this whole 'carrying' thing sucks if you are the actual dog owner, but for us non-dog owners it is very entertaining to watch.

My childhood dog, which I have written about before, did the carry thing when he was a pup. But, puppies will do that. The problem arises when you have a real big puppy.
It seemed that whenever robot dog would stop and require carrying, we would always run into friends or neighbors. I think people just assumed that we carried our dog everywhere.
"Oh, they are just eccentric - they carry their dog instead of walking him"

Hi, are you famous?
I am sitting in the park writing this (viva los laptopas!!). This man just walked by, and his face didn't ring a bell (as my mom says constantly - everything with her is bell ringing based), but it just looked famous.
I thought I should of asked him if he was famous.

techicolor yarns
Nate suggested that happyrobot have a "vomit stories" section. Like the Dump stories or the subway stories. Is that a good idea?

I have a few.

They were talking about the MS/AOL settlement on MarketPlace this morning. One of the fellas was talking about how RealAudio and Netscape may get hit and neglected (and die) if AOL and MS become bedfellows as the settlement would allow them to.

You remember Netscape? NS version 4 just sucked. I am sorry, you can not ever convince me that it was a decent browser. I worked with all of the version of NS4.x and they were all stinky in their own way.
NS6/7 are crippled, AOL'ized versions of the awesome Mozilla.

But NS3, now that was a fine browser. Light, fast, stable.
I will pour this imaginary beer on the imaginary ground in honor of NS3.
It will be bittersweet if NS dies.

I once told Big Daddy Kane that he LOOKED like Big Daddy Kane he is only 5'10" and to me that is not very BIG .... I don't think he liked that very much ... I’m gonna say it was a good thing you didn't ask if they were famous.

Oh and I ate too much Indian food tonight I think I might have a vomit story for you shortly.

»k ||  5/30/2003 ||  10:53:30 PM
vomit stories are so good. I also like the "song I lost my virginity to" section in "my first 45" style.
»pony ||  5/30/2003 ||  11:01:15 PM
our stand in bass player vomited for 45 minutes when he got home after the show. Frank got to listen to it all.

He also somehow mysteriously plugged up the bathtub in the hotel.

He also once puked into a fan, and it blew back into his face.
»don shumai ||  5/31/2003 ||  11:29:04 AM

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