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now that's just un-american

Tech Outsourcing
This is just getting worse and worse it seems.
How do CEO's and managers sleep at night after laying off employees and outsourcing their work overseas (I suspect they sleep on piles of money).
I think we need to start a campaign to shame corporate America into stopping the export of our jobs. Isn't it kind of, un-American?
The economy is in the dumps and we have corporations trying to move whole operations to lower wage countries.
Why haven't the 'Buy American' folks jumped on this issue.

Oh, and why do we have congressmen in India meeting with the government there and telling them not to worry about any anti-outsourcing legistlation.
"People are worried about job security in the U.S. and therefore it is not terribly surprising to find a few people who will oppose outsourcing to other countries," said Inslee, a member of the Democratic Advisory Group on hi-tech issues.

"Some people may support the promulgation of legislation to ban outsourcing but the majority of U.S. industry and policymakers are not in support of creation of new trade barriers," Inslee, who is on a visit to India, told IANS in an interview.

"I don't think it (a ban on outsourcing) is going to happen. We want to keep our doors open. I believe any effort to restrict market access will adversely impact the U.S. economy. The policy of protectionism will not take us anywhere.

"For any economic growth to occur, a country needs to add more value to its products without increasing the cost and outsourcing to India helps U.S. companies do exactly that," added the Congressman.

Dear Cell Phone Company
What the hell is your problem? Why don't I have a cool ass cell phone yet?
Why don't I have a cell phone that easily synchs my address book on my home computer yet?
How friggin hard is that?
And as much as I love cameras, this whole new 'camera/phone' push is really lame when you guys can barely get other basic phone features correct.
Oh wait, how am I going to get the photos off my phone...? Send them via your buggy-ass, slow as pumpkins web connections?

This is what I want: a good sounding phone with the ability to share my address book on my home computer. It is stupid to have to keep two address books, and it's even stupider to make a phone address book that you can't back up or save.
Yea, I know, you guys all make phones that have cool data connection cables to hook up to your computer, but just read the reviews of these things and you'll see that you wieners obviously haven't spent a lot of time working on the technology.
I don't need a camera on it.
Or an MP3 player.
Or custom ringtones.
Or games.

I think this is the issue: We have too many phone companies making too many phones working on too many networks.
Not that I want to become pro-globization, pro-big-corporation, but I think in the cell phone case it might help.
Ya'll suck.

Yours truly,

Stupid consumer

My favorite Amazon list
What the hell is this?!

All this rain
makes me grumpy

Buy America. Resent giving a little prosperity to a country whose GNP was sodomized by Enron. I agree that the gov't doublespeak is hypocrisy at best, but in the age of multinational corporations, I am not sure that I buy anything, although I know for certainthat I buy too much.
ouch, did anyone sand this soapbox before I stood on it?
»pony ||  6/2/2003 ||  9:58:37 AM
i guess my concern is that MY JOB is one of the types of jobs they are farming out.
i guess i need to become some sort of idiot manager with a vague job title.
»:r ||  6/2/2003 ||  11:40:05 AM
I rember in college when NAFTA was being passed that I got into a huge argument with the R.A. in my dorm. I said:

"Damn. It's bad 'cause all these amerikans are going to lose their jobs. Damn!"

and he said:

"No, you're wrong, it's bad because they won't pay the Mexicans a living wage or allow them to organize."

so, we both don't like, but for different reasons, so we fight and wrestle. I don't know . . .
»klutch.xls ||  6/2/2003 ||  1:49:45 PM
oh, and the Amazon list. It made me cry, oh so funny.
»klutch.xls ||  6/2/2003 ||  1:50:08 PM
"Who the hell is Rae Dawn Chong"?

I think she got hired for that role when Hollywood decided to outsource for actors.

And "Slam Dunk Ernest?" SLAM DUNK ERNEST??? I thought Ernest was dead! Really.,+Jim

Yup. Dead. Weird.
»chris ||  6/3/2003 ||  11:07:40 AM

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