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Dream proposals I may submit for tonight

Maybe it's me, but I seem to have real strong 'past items relating to smells' thing going on. You know, when you smell (or hear, or see) something and for a brief second you are transported out of your dreary existence to someplace in your past.
I have a headache today.

~Smell list so far~

Exhaust fumes in the morning.
I don't know what it is. But exhaust smells different in the morning, especially from large trucks. Now, I don't want to come off as sounding like some Neal Pollack poofta, but when I was a bit younger, my pals George and Bobby and I went on the prennial pre-adulthood backpacking trip through Europe. And backpack we did, no pansy hostels for us - we camped the shit out of Europe.

The exhaust thing comes into play because we had gone to some town in France (actually, I know the name, but I am not going to look it up)(no, not paris) and we got there real early and had to walk to the campground. I imagine we were bleary eyed.
We took a bus and for some reason got off at the wrong stop and ended up walking about a mile down the highway to where the campground was.
Big trucks barreled past us. We were dirty and tired.
That is where I am when I smell exhaust fumes in the morning.

Old man smells.
This one I am not really sure what makes it up, but today I smelled it and I was in high school with some old man teacher standing over my shoulder showing me how to do a math equation.
I think the actual smell is something like old spice plus coffee breath plus sweat. You have to be wearing a ploy-cotton blend shirt, too.

I have always spelled the word Wonky with an 'e'.
According to the aussies that wrote the travel book I am reading, there is no 'e'.
Well, there you go.

Dream proposals I may submit for tonight:

 "Aiyee! No space"
I am in a car, in the backseat to be correct. I am in the middle with large men to either side. Large.
Big fat guys with lots of bling-bling.
I understand that they are a famous hip-hop group, but their name never comes up. We are driving in LA, I assume, but don't know because I have never been there.
I guess it looks like TV LA.

I have a nice little DAT deck with me and I am recording them rhyming-n-rapping as we drive. I am really squished and feeling claustrophobic.

I suggest we stop somewhere for a drink so that I might be able to get out of the car for a breather.

 "mother-in-law astronaut"
My mother-in-law is an astronaut and she is visiting us because her rocket is launching for mid-town Manhattan.
We take her out for dinner and she leaves her astronaut suit on, and keeps the mirrored face shield down. I am talking to myself when I talk to her.

 "in espana we drink to get happy"
Luis, the Spanish foreign exchange student is hiding under my desk at work. I swat him with a broom.
I swat him out from under my desk, and go back to work, but he sneakily gets back under my desk. He's like that guy from Lord of Some Rings, except instead of whispy hair, rags, and grey skin he's just a teen from spain in bad euro fashion.
"Look at the embroidery on you jean's pockets!" I exclaim ad nauseam.

 "high school lovers"
I am back in high school and I realize it, as if it was time travel. You know.
There are all these people that kind of look like people I know, but not quite. Hey, it's that girl, but she's got that other girl's hair.

There is a closet that I am in a lot, and there is activity. Not sure what it is, but it's warm, wet, soft, and kind of squishy.

Speaking of dreams
The McSweeneys store is way cool. We went there Saturday and bought a bunch of books and enjoyed looking at all their stuff. If I had to describe it (like if there is a gun to my head); I might say it is as if we made a store out of happyrobot. Lots of crowded little things that have clever tags on them.
If I can be so bold to make that comparison.

so which dream did you have? Myself i had a dream where i was moving and I had a lot of boxes around my bed but I was too tired to move them all i wanted to do was sleep. boring i know
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