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santa of chapman street dies

The True Family
When I was in college there were these two fellas named Jack and Roger True. They were brothers and also sang country music together.
I have a whole page about them on happyrobot, actually: True & True

I never met their father, but he was a town icon. Every year Mr. True decorated his house and yard with tons of Christmas decorations and would sit on his porch in a santa outfit greeting the neighborhood children with candy.

It was pretty cool.

One day I hung out with Jack and Roger at their house - they spent hours showing me their photo albums and things. They had just been featured on a local news show (you know, like a feature called "Steve's People" or someshit like that). When their father saw them on TV, he got so excited that he had a heart attack.
That was about 11 years ago, and I am sure he recovered - but I always thought it was a ?cute/sweet? reaction to seeing his sons on TV

Mr. True passed away this week.

(thanks to my grandmother for mailing me the actual article)

makes me believe in humanity again. thanks rich and truer words truer words. ahhhhhhhhh life.
»kristen ||  6/7/2003 ||  10:23:16 PM
Very sweet
»hg ||  6/16/2003 ||  12:34:39 PM

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