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Ninjas aren't mammals

Monsieur Robot est sans pantalons. Juste laissez-le tranquille. Ne le contactez pas et monde de dieu Il ne faut surtout pas passer le voir.

Ninja Please
Remember that fine ninja site that we all laughed about a long time ago? I once wrote about all the delightful hate mail "robert hamburger" gets, and he seems to be still getting it. What I love about it is that people who are into ninjas take it way too seriously. Sure, ninjas are cool, and, well sweet, but enough to freak out over when someone is pulling your leg?

Oh, the internet... the great tard mixing pot.
My favorite comments for the day:

1. I dont know very much about ninjas, if anything at all, but i do know one thing--they aren't mammals, and they dont fucking flip out and kill people like you describe them doing on your retarded website.



The Simple Life
Here are my comments from watching all of 5 minutes of this show once:

1. Does anyone notice how they try to market this show... Instead of a "city girl lives on a farm" theme, FOX seems to concentrate more on the "rich girl lives with poor family" aspect. Rich/Poor... I don't find that nearly as entertaining.

2. I suspect they are doing this everywhere, but our local Fox affiliate does these creepy News-er-tainment stories about this show.
"Paris Hilton to get her own show on Fox? Fox representatives claim they have no plans for a solo show starring the Simple Life star at this time. Well, you can keep up with her adventures with her friend Lionel Richie tonight at 8 on Fox 5."

3. When the father of the family asks Lionel and Paris if they have ever been down to this area of the country, Paris replies with the most cringe inducing, snotty teen way, "I only travel to, like, Europe or LA or New York."
Europe. Jeebus.

Brooklyn Stadium
Our usually embarrassing borough president, Marty Markowitz, was just on the radio doing cheers for a new sports arena that they want to build for Brooklyn in order to steal the NJ Nets away. It will be located near the Atlantic Avenue / LIRR station - an area of commercial crap surrounded by residential areas.
I guess my question is how these sports arenas keep getting built when they have such a bad track record. It seems like once a month there is another story about some jackass team owner threatening a city that he will take his team elsewhere if they don't pony more parking or stadiums or whatnot.
Obviously, someone is making money here.

I got so pumped I almost kicked my mom right in the face!

Villages Peoples
The Village People appear to be like Menudo - they can just replace guys when needed. They are still around, yet it appears that the majority of them are straight - how does that happen?
Wasn't it kind of the whole point that they were gay stereotypes found in the village? I mean, I guess it doesn't matter - they are just playing roles.
But, still.

Our kid is dumb
Often when I think back on certain things I did as a child I have to assume there was a point when my parents thought, 'is he dumb?'
I mean, come on. Sure, parents love their kids and all the goofy things they do, but you can't tell me that sometimes parents just don't stop and think, "that kids not right".

After a certain age you just don't make collages anymore. As a kid, I had free reign on all the Sports Illustrated and Newsweeks I wanted for my collage making. You might be thinking, "Just Newsweek and SI for collages? I bet they were lame."
Yup. They were probably pretty lame.
We should all take a trip to my parent's house and see if we can dig up some of my collages that might be hiding around my childhood room.

Collage Part II
After I wrote this I was reading Pony's post about past posts (p, p, p, p) and clicked on the one that she wrote two years ago. In it she mentions making a collage.
Maybe I need to start doing them again.

at my parents I still have my duran duran collage. i heart d2!
»mrs. robot ||  12/11/2003 ||  1:30:38 PM
Ou est votre pantalons?
»eve ||  12/11/2003 ||  1:44:16 PM
jesus, i love the ninja site.
»lisa ||  12/11/2003 ||  2:03:21 PM
I make collages.
»jb ||  12/11/2003 ||  2:05:59 PM

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