Political Google Bombs
An article in Wired was all about various anti-Bush and Kerry GoogleBombs that the kids are doing.
In Google, enter "waffles" and you get the Kerry site.
Enter "miserable failure" and you get Bush's bio.

Funny. Annoying.
I think, especially as November looms closer, we should all start doing more anti-political google bombs.

First, "waffles", one of the most delicious things on the earth, shouldn't be pointing to Kerry's site, but to Sylvia's in Harlem.

Or at least this fun band called "waffles"
(hey, if you google "fried chicken sylvia's" look what you get!)

Second, we (people who are annoyed by politicians (and who are registered to vote)) should just create annoying GoogleBombs.

"Mother stabber and Father raper"
"Eats small children and kicks puppies"

"Cleveland Steamer"
"Trouser Snake"


Please copy the following for YOUR website :)

Mustaches for everyone!
Last night when I was watching COPS, eating a chili dog, and drinking a chilled glass of gruner veltliner (in reality, not a bad food/wine pairing), I noticed that all the cops in Miami have mustaches.

It was comical.

1. CitySearch annoys me. It annoys me so much I took it off the links page. I feel like this was a big step for me.

2. I am working on a new Photos of Fun section and it's being a real noodle scratcher. I want to move away from the whole frameset style, but the problem is that frames work fairly well (IMHO) for photo galleries.

3. Poop Beetle needs a facelift (the journal, not Anne - she's fine). That is my next project.

Bye Bye East Village
I am late on this one and I don't have the conjones that would make my opinion matter, but I think the East Village is over.
Someone needs to officially declare this.
Just gate it off and turn the lights off and let's go home.

Sure, I'll miss Ginger and Jewel Bako and the crispy duck at Holy Basil... and my pal Jeff will miss his apartment.
But, I think that's it.

Instant Messenger Jerk
At work, the place where I work, I keep my IM machine on "Out to Lunch" 24-7. Man oh man that annoys some people.
(You'd think I'd be less jerky since I got to keep my job)

Four Questions
1. When will MattyJ + JackiePony send me a sonogram/X-ray thing of the baby in her tummy so we can post it on the robot? When? Matt, can you just put your camera really really close to her belly and try it that way?

2. Pony. How ya doing?

3. Is it me, or is it annoying when people use 'z' instead of 's' on the end of words. Like 'nutz'.

4. Does this tie match this shirt?

Biz Attire
(Look! I just used a 'z' - I annoy myself!)
The Job has decided that we are moving away from "business casual" to "business attire".
This translates to my closet of clothes suddenly being unusable for work - thanks! The past couple of days have seen me standing in stores with shirts and throwing ties on them - an activity I am good at about half the time.

It's goofy, though. All it means is that I have to wear a tie. I'm not wearing a suit or anything.
I can handle ties.

Those Cute Bloogers
"In order for the blogosphere to be taken seriously as a news medium, bloggers themselves should commit to crediting/sourcing the other members of our community who break legitimate news."

It's one of those online petitions ("dude! They really work!!") to get people to correctly credit their source when breaking "news".
OK, that's cool - I totally agree with that.

I am just laughing about the "legitimate news" part. How many Blaggers break actual news? Like four? Five?

Bless their little hearts.

Here's the credit for that bit: offonatangent.blogspot.com

"I saw a gorilla, and he ran"
That still cracks me up.


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