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OK, that's nice, but where's Osama?

Where's Osama?
Dear George W.,
Three years ago this Osama guy launched a deadly attack on our country. That was three years ago.
For a while we were doing good with the ass kicking of Afghanistan and it really looked like any day now we'd have Osama's head on a platter.
But, then you rolled into Iraq you put Afghanistan on the back burner.

You had one job: kick those 9-11 guys in the balls. Yet, those guys are still at large and making threatening proclamations on TV.

Fellow American,

What I was doing on September 11, 2001 - The results

2001: wednesday night we came home from dinner, and someone had left little green post-its on the doors in our building that said "i love you".

Yesterday on the radio they were doing all these 'soundscape' things regarding the World Trade Center.
It was pretty powerful stuff.
They had actual broadcasts from various networks before the attack and it was like watching a horror movie and you know that axe murderer is around the corner... and you are screaming at the screen "Don't go out that door! He's right there!"

It was odd because I found that the pre-attack recordings really spooked me - more so than the ones after the first tower was hit.

You get one call
They also had recordings of voicemail messages of folks who were in the towers or on the planes.
Oh my.
Those are sad.
These people knew that the end was near and they had to sum up everything in one phone call. The one that stuck with me was the husband calling his wife and saying that he "absolutely" loved her.
Oh my.

I don't know what I would say if I had the chance to make one call before I died. I mean, other than screaming like a big baby... who knows.
I think I would tell Mrs. Robot that I love her absolutely.
Ask her to hug a long list of people for me.
And not to forget to feed the cat.

That would do.

Were these soundscapes on NPR? Is there a link to them on the interweb anywhere? inquiring minds wanna know.
»st. pooves ||  9/11/2004 ||  1:23:43 PM
:r, thanks for posting.
i forgot what it felt like.
»-b. ||  9/11/2004 ||  3:37:59 PM
i recently wrote a short letter to the editor of asking them to up the pressure on bush over the glaring absence of bin-laden from his agenda. to me this is the worst failure of his presidency, and of any president in us history. what makes me madder than hell however is that kerry doesn't really talk about this either.

we live in dark times my friends.
»dred pirate davey ||  9/11/2004 ||  6:15:13 PM
the part about the last phone call made me cry. oh my.
»de ||  9/12/2004 ||  5:42:03 PM
Oh right. You guys are looking for me. Gotta run.
»osama ||  9/13/2004 ||  12:25:51 PM
one phone call. that keeps me up at night.

i made the mistake of taking an audio book of the 9/11 report on the last plane trip I took. it was the transcription of the phone calls that made me turn it off and delete it from Mr. Pod

»mr. xls ||  9/14/2004 ||  8:26:10 AM
Spread the word on this site to raise awareness regarding Osama bin Laden:
»paul ||  url || 9/26/2004 ||  2:39:36 PM

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