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Where Robot Journal at?

Dans Rathers
This 'CBS News document-gate' controversy just makes me smile. CBS got played.
I am now putting my hand on my forehead with my fingers in the shape of an 'L'.
Stupid CBS.

Where Robot Journal at?
Whew, what a week it has been. I launched the new robot menu, and then realized I somehow misplaced some features in the transfer (how this happened.. I don't know). But a big 'thanks' to all the people who wrote with questions like, "Um, where did you put ____??".
I think I have put everything where it should be, except the Robot Journal - but I am working on that one.
I haven't updated this journal since 9-11-04, which is the longest dry spell since that time I had chronic mud butt.

This is what I have been doing:
1. Launching new robot menu
2. Fixing things on new robot menu
3. Fixing things that I just added and/or fixed on the robot menu
4. Started fixing a long list of things that needed to be fixed
5. Working a lot (apparently working on happyrobot at work doesn't count as work)
6. Celebrating wedding anniversary at Grocery
7. Recovering from food coma the next day
8. Had a lovely dinner with Jeff y Claire at Apizz
9. Had a lovely dinner of Indian food at home with Ben y Raquel of Two Noses
10. Taking care of Mrs. Robot when she came down with Mexican Jumping Bean Flu
11. Fixing stupid home network and throwing out stupid Wi-Fi router
12. Trying to avoid catching the plague.
13. Stupid work making work
14. Cursing George Lucas

My brain has be occupied, but still full of things to say - the issue is that I haven't had the chance to sit down and compose it all into comprehensible sentences.

viva la franks
I just spoke to my boss who is toodling around France for work. He's staying somewhere at Mont-Saint-Michel - jealous I am.

From Scott
This was posted on our college mail list. Interesting that the generally lame college paper from our generally lame college got attention from the generally lame Rush Limbaugh - er, well, actually that does make a bit of sense.
Nonetheless, interesting story from my pal Scott...

A few days ago, local UNCG Carolinian columnist (and all around swell guy) Joe Killian wrote a satirical
piece for the paper
, discussing the possibility of a mass suicide should Bush be re-elected come November.

Despite the very obvious tongue-in-cheek ironic tone of the article, Rush Limbaugh picked it up via Best of the Web, and of course, used it as glaring example of the "Wacko Left", insinuating an actual mass suicide was in effect being planned at college campuses across the nation, in the event of a victory for Bush. "Suicide Joe" became a popular punching bag for several days - as the Carolinian's website and mailbox were flooded with unbelievably hateful, venomous calls for Joe to "go ahead and commit suicide now - why wait for November?"...

Joe eventually called into Rush's program, the transcript is here.
Is it just me, or is the left more skilled at critically viewing their pundits as entertainers, instead of messiahs of absolute truth?

My new drinking game
Drink when someone tells you they are pregnant.

Ignore the following unless you like to bitch about routers.
(or as Al Gore once called them, "roooters")

F' you WiFi
Is it me, or are wifi routers just badly built. Sunday, my Netgear wireless router thing starts acting up. Stuff like I can't ping the router or get to the admin page or see it when I use the wireless laptop.
After spending too much time unplugging it, resetting it, trouble-shooting, cursing at it I dug out my original, non-wifi circa-1986 router and was back up in less than a minute (then I had issues with Mrs. Robot's computer and DNS servers or someshit).

So, I am shopping for a new Wifi router and after spending 30 minutes on Amazon I am a little weary. It appears that almost every router, no matter the manufacturer, suffers from the same issues mine had - mainly just dropping the connection and never refreshing/reconnecting.
Actually, this isn't a critical purchase - I use the wifi card on my laptop once every month or so. I just like having the option.
Then again, I can always just use Stephanie's connection (she lives somewhere nearby and has an open wireless network).
Thanks Stephanie!

wow, what a story about the carolina guy. Thanks for all the fixing of the robot!
»pony ||  9/21/2004 ||  5:40:18 PM
arg! meant to wish you happy anniversary on the day. happy belated!! how is mrs. r. feeling? is that my little baby on the 'vote hr' post card??
»jj ||  9/21/2004 ||  6:52:59 PM

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