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Before we start, Liz posted thirteen things about halloween: in which the list deals with unresolved issues regarding halloween on her site.

Nate posted a history of his costuming for halloween as well.

Thirteen non-bulleted points about Halloween

see point #13

Point #1
The whole hubbub about Halloween falling on Sunday is slightly funny. Not to step on people's beliefs, but Halloween, like Christmas, Easter, President's Day, Arbor Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Boxing Day, Boxer's Day, Kickboxing Day, Veterans Day, Columbus Day and Valentines Day are just days for kids to do some quick tradition in order to get candy and/or sweets and/or gifts and/or kickboxing lessons.
When you dress your kid up like a Power Ranger or My Little Pony, I don't think you are celebrating Satan (well, maybe a bad example).
"You just don't do it on Sunday," said Sandra Hulsey of Greenville, Ga. "That's Christ's day. You go to church on Sunday, you don't go out and celebrate the devil. That'll confuse a child."


Confuse a child?
Sandra, are you saying that you wouldn't have any problems celebrating the devil if this holiday was on Saturday?

Does anyone even know why we celebrate this holiday anyway? I have a vague idea, but do you think Sandra's possibly confused child does?
"Kayla, we normally would celebrate Satan on Halloween, but because it's Sunday, we need to praise Jeebus. You look confused."

Point #2
Even to this day, when I am older and have a wicked BB gun, teens on Halloween spook me. As a child, we would sometimes get egged or bothered by older teens. Now as a young urban professional (oh shit, that's right) teens throw water balloons at me on Halloween as I walk through Brooklyn Heights.

Point #3
I find it harder and harder to get excited about dressing up on Halloween. Actually, I think what happens is that I get excited about dressing up right before going to the party - you know, when it's too late.

Point #4
They say that you can predict the outcome of the presidential election by watching which candidates mask sells the best - knowing that, I won't go this year as middle-finger flipping Bush.
(Maybe I could go as hamster resuscitating Kerry (the whole time chanting, "Help is on the way little hamster!")).

Point #5
As Pony has always commented about, it's funny how the fairer sex always goes the 'sexy' route on Halloween. I'm not complaining, of course.
I'll go as sexy Ralph Nader.

Point #6
My mom always gave out those little Hershey bars, but often she would filter out the Special Dark ones for herself.

Point #7
MattyJ hates some Halloween. He does not dress up - I forget his reasoning, but he won't do it.

Point #8
Did I mention that I always wanted to dress up as a traditional ghost on Halloween? With the basic white sheet and eyeholes cut out?
Maybe I'll do that.

Point #9
Scott's kid Max made little ghosts in his day-care class. You know, the kind you make with tissues. He referred to them as "Decoration Ghost".
Scott's band Manamid has a song titled 'Decoration Ghost', but I don't know if it has much to do with Max making decorative ghost. I just chided him for not offering that song as a free download on his website.

ME: why isn't there a free download of Decoration Ghost on your website for Hallowteen?
SCOTT: hah
ME: no. really.
SCOTT: ok I'll make it happen

Point #10
Back in the dot-com days, we had a webcam and I sent the URL to Adina and showed her all the folks in our office who had dressed up. Because we were a wicked new-economy dot-com we had a ton of fun.
I think Raquel showed up as 'sexy devil receptionist'.

Then there was a guy from Brazil who showed up normally dressed, but with a raincoat on and a big fake wiener sticking out of his pants. Even in our new-economy glow, I suspect we were all thinking, "yea, ok, that may be taking it to far".

That was the year I showed up as Duke Mt. Vernon: Porn Star.

Point #11
Today, I hid all these Halloween things on our company intranet. So, my emails have all been, "There's a ghost on our logo!" or "Aiyee! Goblins on the company calendar!".

Point #12
As a teen, my pal George and I usually spent Halloween together doing goofy teen stuff - so, I always think of him on Halloween.
George, if they have the internet in heaven, hope you are well.
(wait, do you think they have the internets in heaven? I mean wouldn't they? Or would they not even need it? But, if they did, what would stop them from sending emails from beyond the grave. Holy moly that would be creepy.)

Point #13
Email to my brother:

ME: you know, I don't remember any of the costumes you wore for halloween.
did you wear any?
I think you had a C3PO costume at one point? But other than that, what did you wear?

Did Mom & Dad just make you wear a paper grocery bag with crap drawn on it?

LITTLE BROTHER: Red (his childhood friend) and I were ninjas one year- but I think we were a little too old at the time to be Trick-o-treatin'. I was satan that one year- remember that scary red devil mask! I was a very *special* Olympic dude this year at work!

(see image above)

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we love each other so much and have so much love to give good luck with that whole voting thing and stuff

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