Farewell crazy ass dogs
As I walked to work this morning, there were cabs and vans in front of the hotel near the subway stop I get off at and people were loading up their dogs and luggage to go home. The people looked harried, but the dogs seemed fairly calm and nonplused - I suppose they have resigned themselves to the whole process.

These past mornings I have run into the dogs and their handlers in front of the hotel going out for their morning pee. They are all well behaved and don't seem to be phased by all the people and shiny things.

A few years back, I went to the Westminster with our friend Linda who breeds crazy Australian cattle dogs. Apart from the vomiting afterwards, it was pretty entertaining. The first day is when they are deciding all the best of breeds, and it's like a 12-ring circus with all these mini dog shows going on at the same time. Since they are showing the same breed at that time, it's also neat to see all the variations in the dogs.
The back/side stage area is pretty fun to wander around in as well and allows you to say hi to all the dogs up close.

Here are my favorite dogs
- French bulldogs
- Pugs
- Irish wolfhounds
- Corgis
- Dachshunds
- Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
- Australian Cattle Dogs (specifically this one)
- Retrievers

As a child, we had a golden retriever. He was as dumb as a stump, but sweet.
Did I ever tell you the story about the time he went to vet on his own?
When it snowed, we'd let him run around in the backyard with us while we sledded (which meant he would chase us down the hill trying to get the ball on top of our caps).

He would also eventually run away and we'd spend the afternoon tracking his path in the show - leash and Kraft singles in hand.

One day, he ran away real good.
Maybe after an hour or so, my mom gets a call.
"Yes, this is Doctor Somebody's office - your dog has showed up at our office. Can you come get him?"

We think he get lost and then saw the one place he knew (although I suppose he had to swallow his fear of the whole vet thing as well).

Stupid Poodles
I like poodles, or at the least the ones I've met. They are clever and smart... loyal.. strong-willed.
But, holy crap, I still can't take they way they "decorate" the show poodles. It's like when the poodle people start explaining the breeds hunting history or how certain things keep certain things warm - I just have to put my hand up.
"Nope. Don't believe you."

Sorry. There is no way I can take that whole hairstyle seriously.
No, not listening.

They are such handsome dogs when they aren't all gussied up.

The handsome pointer that won was totally predicted by Mrs. Robot. Kudos to her. She also won $25 in the lottery last week.
If you want to schedule some time to rub her head for good luck, please let me know. She's real busy these days.

Cat show
Last night we kept trying to get our cat to stand still like the show dogs do - you know, when they get poked and prodded and their naughty bits get felt.
She wasn't going for any of that (not that I would even try to touch remotely near her bits).

"This is overweight domestic grey tabby cat - number 12"

I don't know how cat shows work, but I think if we entered our cat, the judge might easily make a speedy recovery.

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