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Wine Club #11: Argentina & Chile

Hi Wine Club
Sunday we found ourselves amidst another Wine Club. This month (which was really April, even though it happened in May) was wine from Chile and Argentina. Tasty stuff.
We had cabernet sauvignons, merlots, cabernet franc, and malbec - everyone loved the malbec.

There was also sausage, scotch, vodka, and half a bottle of Rosé from Bordeaux that is now mysteriously empty.

Now, I'm no smart guy, but I find Argentina and Chile both interesting. Both countries are free of the pesky little bug that kills grape vines – the Phylloxera aphid guy. They also are home to descendants of pre-phylloxera grapes from France - i.e. super old school grapes that got out of france before the bug got them in the 1800's.
And much more.

Did I mention that it was all a good time? Even though we couldn't get onto the roof?

Bottom Line
What did we like? Malbec.

First Place

I am the winner!Pia Zolla
Malbec 2003

Mendoza, Argentina

"mmmmm... buttery"
"floats in your mouth. Nice spicy finish"
"smooth, tender, luscious, delightful"
"metallic and earthy, a little like a delicious rusty pipe"

Second Place
Alto de Terra Andina
Cabernet Franc reserve 2001

Rapel Valley Chile

"Wow! Fruity –n- fun"
"Great start to the day"
"Whoa! Purple jammy jam"
"Light and a bit tart. Very nice."
"with a cherry fruitiness; or it could be plum"

Third Place
Odfjell Vineyards - Armador
Cabernet Sauvignon 2002

Valle del Maipo, Chile

"nice guy"
"blood red, dry and rich"
"pops off the tongue; hints of cherry hubba-bubba"


Oh I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this wine my sister brought me back from Chile when she went to run the marathon there (she is doing all the continents and yes they have a marathon in Antarctica) anyway the wine called 20 Barrels it was a Merlot from 2000 so so very yummy - I kept the bottle so I can find it again but I never have.
»k ||  5/3/2005 ||  12:03:44 AM
yay wine!
»eve ||  5/3/2005 ||  12:58:56 AM
chile and argentina...yeah. the malbec, fuck yeah.
»n8 ||  5/3/2005 ||  10:20:46 AM
so jealous.
»eve ||  5/3/2005 ||  2:47:54 PM

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