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You've got to know where your towel is.

Stupid Star Wars Moment #45562
What do you call those memories that you repress? Repressed memories?
The other night I remembered that horrible scene in Attack of Some Clones where Obi Wan goes in to the diner to chat with his friend - the giant, fat green alien "Dex".
Holy moly.
Please go repress yourself again memory!

Welcome Dexter
When I finally speak to Eric, I'll ask him if they named their baby after "Dex" in Attack of Some Clones.

Hitchhiker's Guide
We went to the movies last weekend.
Oh, but before that I went on the line to buy tickets. The theatre we usually frequent (the super white Kip's Bay) was flagged as "no online ticket sales available" or something along those lines. It was frustrating.

So, I went and googled the theatre and fandango and somehow came across a page that was kind of buried in the fandando site that stated that we could buy tickets.
I bought tickets and we got in fine.
Wonder why that happened?

Oh, yes, the movie
As a young person, I listened to this great punk rock slash alternative show on our local NPR station. It was on late at night and hosted by this woman who sounded super cool and foxy. But before her show came on, they played thirty minutes of the radio version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Have you ever heard this? It's really super and duper.
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it and would sometimes have to bury my face in my pillow if I started to LOL (which in the early 80's we called "Laughing out loud").

This all leads to the fact that the first 5-10 minutes of the new movie version of the Hitchhiker's Guide was as close as I will come to some crazy religious experience. The sound of the narrator talking about the dolphins and then Arthur and Ford in the pub was awesome. I was transported back to my circa-13 yr old self wearing headphones in bed late at night.
Seriously. Chills. Hair standing on end.
Emotion swelling up.

(as much as I loathe the star wars these days, I am sure when that stupid Lucas Films logo comes on the screen in a couple of weeks, something in my internal goop will shudder)

Mos Def
Was awesome.

Dear myself listening to the Hitchhiker's Guide circa 1980-something late at night
Hey! I wrote you a similar letter a while ago, but let me just add that they finally make a really nice cinema version of this whole Hitchhiker thing - but not until 2005. Yes, 2005!
You'll be.. let's see.. 2000 plus 7 minus 4.. um.. 59 years old.
Wait. No.
Granted, you have to sit through the disturbingly lo-fi BBC TV version sometime soon - but just try to tune that all out.
Also, they are releasing the last star wars film this year. Oh, and a foxy girl sleeps in your future bed with you almost every night!

The Movie
I enjoyed. The special effects were great without banging you over your head with being "These are special effects!!! Love Them!!" like so many movies are (sw).

Dear Colin
Yea, that Katie Holmes thing is just strange.

Re: The Pub Scene, religious experience...

Yeah. I think I might have a stroke when I go to see this. (I mean, the "lack-of-blood-to-the-brain" kind, not the... you know.) I remember when I first started going to bars and ordering these things called "pints", and I would always think back to the Ford/Arthur pub scene and say to myself "So THAT'S what Ford and Arthur were drinking..."

»chris ||  5/5/2005 ||  1:29:54 PM
I know!
»dorf ||  5/5/2005 ||  1:33:38 PM
Muscle relaxant.
»chris ||  5/5/2005 ||  1:59:50 PM
Did you ever watch the BBC TV adaptation? I love it and have it on DVD.
»liz ||  5/5/2005 ||  2:25:35 PM
Lo. that BBC one was pretty painful. IMHO. but I did see it in the 80's and was a dumb kid then.
»:r ||  5/5/2005 ||  2:48:32 PM
the BBC one wasn't so bad
»smokey mcstoner ||  5/5/2005 ||  2:50:00 PM
Oh, it had its painful moments, but I loved it anyway.
»liz ||  5/5/2005 ||  3:04:34 PM
I saw it when I was a dumb kid and loved it. I'm not so sure I want to see it now. But, as a result of the movie, I'm working my way through the books again.

Might download the original radio series and see what I missed by only reading the scripts.

But god, it was great to finally see it done right (reasonably right).
»stu ||  5/5/2005 ||  3:37:36 PM
Dude, did you know that that horrible double head in the teevee series was like a million dollars AND IT SUCKED! I liked the movie heads muchos better.
»kristen ||  5/5/2005 ||  9:05:34 PM
I can't watch Hitchhiker because I wouldn't be able to suppress the memory, even though I've always wanted to. it's bad enough dreaming of elephants on the lawn, and now Tom Cruise infesting virgins with lipworm.
»vera ||  5/6/2005 ||  4:18:33 AM
I remember reading somewhere that the people involved in the BBC version thought their special effects were cutting edge, and then it got broadcast in america, and everyone said things like "we love how low budget all the special effects are" and the BBC was all "uh yeah, that was on purpose."

»3pk ||  5/6/2005 ||  10:01:01 AM

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