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No Babies at the Lesbian Wedding!

No Babies at the Lesbian Wedding
This shrill young lady was on her cell phone at the park the other day as we were eating our breakfast.
"No, there will be no children under 10 years old at my wedding. No! She has left the baby at home before!"
She was very adamant about this.

"She didn't bring the baby to the bar mitzvah?! Or the lesbian wedding!"

Our neighbors love each other
We have this nutty looking young couple that moved in on our floor.
("nutty" meaning "sad")
We aren't next door to them, but know the people who are and apparently they fight 24-7. Sunday morning as I was leaving to get breakfast, I overheard their pleasant morning conversation. Some gems from the boyfriend...
"It's not my fault you're late!"
"You put all the bags in front of the door - I couldn't get out!"
"You're dumb!"

Man. They really need to get married - and definitely start a family.

So, what powers does this dark side have?
Anything that would be considered unnatural? Because that is what I am looking for.

Damn Bloggers
Our local radio station often invites fancy political blogger-types in to discuss current events. Granted, I am all for having real people discuss news instead of plastic, annoy-a-rama news experts slash pundits - but there is something so goofy and trivializing about calling them "bloggers" on the air.
"Joe Smith, an expert on the history of Iraq and a retired brain surgeon and now blogger..." and for some reason when I hear that title "blogger" I instantly imagine them online droning on and on about TV shows or how tired they are or how they hate the word "blogger".

My other thing is super smart types who have blogs with stupid URLs.
"Joe Smith, when not in Africa curing victims of Ebola, blogs at".

Blogs on TV
"Kudos to MSNBC for using the power of blogs to finally give voice to the already voiced"
The Daily Show had a hilarious bit a few weeks back about TV news channels now covering blogs and also hosting the blogs of their news commentators.
"By reading the blogs on TV, the 24-hour news networks have combined the visual pizazz of a text file with the deep insight of a 90-second cable segment"

Weekend Wrap Up
Did I mention that it's finally summer in NYC? We had a fine past couple of days.
Thursday night we did a little "Daddy's Night Out" thing for new fathers Evan and Eric - we all went out for many drinks and food. Boys only.
We behaved ourselves, for the most part.
(The way I wrote that, it sounds like Evan and Eric had a baby together.)

Friday, our pal Jacob was in town. He lives in Hawaii (hey! You should meet him!). He's a chef. We went to some new (like spanking new) Italian place in Park Slope. It was a fine meal, and I discovered my new favorite thing: sparkling dessert wine (it was a sparkling moscato).

Saturday was crazy-ass super singing Karaoke. It was off the hook.. and that's all we'll say. Oh, but I did find out that I think I can sing a decent version of Cameo's "Word Up". I mean, it sounded good in my head.

New Shiny Things
My monitor died last week. Well, not completely, but everything was magenta - a lovely color, but not the best for looking at for hours on end.
That little monitor and I have been through a lot together.

Cue music and sot-focused lens photo collage.

But, yea. It was a great monitor. One of those 21inch Trinitron jobbies. It weighs about 50 tons, but was crisp and bright and all that stuff you want from a monitor.

Luckily, my co-worker has piles of unopened computer equipment at home.
It's a bit odd.
He sold me one of the monitors he wasn't using. In the box, full warranty and all that at a very discounted rate. He even delivered to my apartment Friday afternoon.
It was a breeze to set up (and now I have all this free space) and the monitor itself - using the DVI connection - is painfully sharp and bright. Over the past weekend, I found myself just staring at it... marveling at the pretty colors.
It's all very handsome. Oh, it's the Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW widescreen 20-inch LCD monitor.

Geekily enough, it's the basically the same guts as the Apple Cinema 20 in. Flat Panel LCD monitor - naturally as a Dell it costs a few smackers less. Good comparison of the two here.

I want to meet jacob!
»eve ||  6/6/2005 ||  3:08:39 PM
I have a monitor from 1812 that is bigger than my car. I envy your sleek new dealy (2 inches? - sigh)
»anne ||  6/6/2005 ||  3:28:58 PM
whoa . .. weird . . . just as I was reading this a co-worker "all staffed" us to say that there was going to be italian sparkling dessert wine in the conference room at 4:30. just for the hell of it i guess.
»klutch.xls ||  6/6/2005 ||  4:10:50 PM

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