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I should not be jealous of gorgeous women

Real Viewer Mail!
From Jake:
The first page of your web site must have been designed by an ugly woman who never gets any attention by men. You should not be jealous of gorgeous women. Take some time to fix yourself up and maybe men will talk to you.

This took me a while to figure out what the hell he was talking about - but I assume it was the "sexual harassment" front page image.

I didn't write back because I feared it would be tricky to prove that I wasn't a woman.

Happy Birthday Cat
Tomorrow is my cat's birthday. She'll be 14.
Her bones are getting creaky, which means she can't sneak up on people anymore (especially if she has been sleeping and hasn't stretched) because you can hear her creaking up on you.
Nonetheless, she's a good pus-pus.

Our pal Giles has been visiting this week and I think she has enjoyed having an extra male around (and he smells all british and stuff which I am sure is a change from my stinky American-ness).

Speaking of
Yes, our travel partner pal Giles is in town. We have spent the majority of our time with him eating, drinking, and then sleeping. He arrived all jet-laggy on Saturday afternoon, so naturally we took him out to J.Lawton's birthday party and then went for sushi and champagne (viva Cube 63 having a hard time getting their liquor license). He seemed to enjoy himself even if his body thought it was 4am last June. Sunday we had a mini-wine club (which I need to write up).

You there. At Starbucks. You're stupid.
Twice in the past week or so we have found ourselves in a restaurant where someone at another table would be sitting there with a to-go cup of Starbucks coffee.
Both times in nice restaurants who serve nice coffee.

I don't really understand why someone would think that was an "OK" thing to do. Is this just the continuing slide into rude-ass behavior by ADD Americans?

(standard Starbucks preface: Starbuck is great when you are stuck somewhere that doesn't traditionally have decent coffee... like Orlando.)

Did I mention my shoes?
I hate every single pair of shoes I own now - except for those fun rubbery cloggy things I recently got.
The rest of them? Trash to you!

Couldn't agree more with the Starbucks thing. I, in general, have a problem bringing bads from other stores and (especially) food from other restaurants when I go into a place. Never liked that.
»chris ||  11/16/2005 ||  3:10:15 PM
you got clogs?
»pony ||  11/16/2005 ||  3:13:54 PM
They are made by Keen.
Keen is keen.
I'll see if I can dig up a photo somewhere.
»:r ||  11/16/2005 ||  3:37:55 PM
I hang with cougars. Now are you jealous?

»gorgeous woman ||  11/16/2005 ||  4:09:59 PM
I highly recommend Lands' End all weather moc's for men or women. Great shoes.
»katie ||  11/16/2005 ||  4:39:23 PM
not this?
»pony ||  11/16/2005 ||  4:39:24 PM
And cheap.
»katie ||  11/16/2005 ||  4:39:31 PM
i've ot 2 pairs of keen shoes. I wear them all the time.yay
»eve ||  11/16/2005 ||  4:43:55 PM
These keens
»:r ||  11/16/2005 ||  5:14:55 PM
happy birthday, kero!
»pony ||  11/16/2005 ||  8:32:37 PM
That is a GREAT Giles photo. (and the Cora one ROCKS ((sorry christina, but I just see chris marks mostly so far, but you're in there NO DOUBT - because of course you are...what does that mean? I'm just in a hurry and blathering) Isn't Giles coming to our coast soon?

Kero is ein scorpio. Vive le scorpio.

I'm going to thanksgiving (mina too) at the writer of LEPRECHAN's house (and A-teams)!!!!
»kristen ||  11/16/2005 ||  9:25:06 PM
write back.
»kristen ||  11/16/2005 ||  9:25:33 PM
Correction- Kero actually turns 13 today. Viva Kero!
»mrs. robot ||  11/17/2005 ||  9:47:52 AM
based on the comments about your shoes, it would be hard to prove you are not a woman
»laurel ||  11/17/2005 ||  1:54:10 PM
Happy Birthday KERO!!!! I remember fondly that time I picked you up because I didn't know you weren't that kind. You scratched me, and I put you down (not in THAT since of course or I wouldn't be saying 'happy birthday).

You are full of personality. Great mum and dad. They love you like 'tards.
»kristen ||  11/17/2005 ||  3:22:42 PM

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