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Noteworthy movies from my college era

Noteworthy movies from college
Whenever I say the word "college" I think of a story about my lil' brother and the time he was branded. The big ass scar he had was shaped like a "C" and he would always say, in his trademark ironic way that it was a "C" for "College".
But, enough.
Sunshine Jen has commanded me to make a list of noteworthy movies from my college era so here goes!

In no particular order...

1. Vernon Florida
A fine little Erol Morris documentary that my pal Todd owned. For whatever reason, this became our, er, um, sit around and get F'd up movie. We'd go into fits of laughter when that one hunter describes hunting the turkey.. "then double gobbled".

2. Betty Blue / 372 le matin
This movie had pretty colors and a funky French girl who goes crazy and slices or pokes her eyes out or something, but not before there is a lot of nudity.

3. Dazed and Confused
Literally, I have seen this movie seven times in the theatre. I adore this movie.

4. Bram Stroker's Dracula
We got dragged to this craptacular crap-fest by friends who we still like to this day. It was funny because it was so bad.

5. Roger & Me
OK. I watched this way too many times. In my mind, this is his Michael Moore's best work.

6. Eraserhead
I disliked this movie. A great deal. Sorry.

7. Searching for Bobby Fischer
This was the "double-shot" of movies that romaticized NYC and made us want to live there. It's also a fine movie.

8. Manhattan Murder Mystery
I don't recall this as being a particularly great Woody Allen movie (then again, a bad Woody Allen movie is probably better than a good someone else movie) but we saw it right after Bobby Fischer during our "NYC is making the hard sell for us to move there".

9. Atomic Cafe
For some reason, I was fascinated with this documentary - much to the chagrin of Ms. Robot who slept through most of it. It's old 1950's-era footage of nuclear tests and government propaganda.

10. Boyz n the hood
For a few years, my brother would give me the latest Ice Cube CD as a Christmas present. I like Ice Cube. This movie, I believe, kept it real.
Cuba Gooding - he's funny though.

So, I spent a lot of time going through lists of releases to find ones that really came out during the 'college' time period and realized that it's amazing the crap that Hollywood churns out year after year.
Granted, this isn't news - it's just when see a whole year of releases and 99% of them are worthless and forgotten... blah blah.

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  • did you know that roger ebert put betty blue on his list of the worst movies of all time?
    »pony ||  11/11/2005 ||  1:35:16 PM
    yes. i can imagine that. I'm not saying it was a good movie.
    »:r ||  11/11/2005 ||  1:50:07 PM
    It was on my list too.
    »pony ||  11/11/2005 ||  1:54:51 PM
    I would never have pegged you for a 'dazed and confused' man. (one of my very faves, but I saw it post-college).
    »kristen ||  11/11/2005 ||  2:03:29 PM

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