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Plucky Pharmacy vs. Mystery Dog

Mystery Dog!
Who's that dog?
That mystery dog!
He's nosing through the house
Who's that dog?
He's the mystery dog!

Jason said to Scott
I believe there is a God. I don't know what he's thinking, but I know he gets you.

Mrs. Robot is out of town
So, this week will see me forgetting all sorts of things.
Cat feeding.
Cat box cleaning.
Pants wearing.
Shirt wearing.
Matching shoe wearing.
Socks on correct limbs.

That Bucky Done Gone song - listen to the sample. Wow. I love those horn things.

Mystery Store!
Our neighborhood is chock full of mystery stores. What do they sell? What do they do?
Is it Laundromat? Or an airline office?

Plucky Pharmacy
My favorite store is the new one around the corner. It's a little independent pharmacy.

My uncle is a pharmacist and owns his own little shop. He's done very well on his own and I always like to cheer on these little guys in their battle against the idiot commercial drug stores that dot every corner in this country.

This new store opens on our corner and I am thinking, "That's cool, even though I have very little use for pharmaceuticals of the legal type".
So, here is plucky, nicely decorated pharmacy fighting the good fight against the chains!
Go plucky!

Convenient hours
The great thing is this: they are never open.
It's pretty funny.
Right after the war on Christmas I was walking down the street (smug while wearing my "war on Christmas" victory sweater I got from my mom) and noticed a sign out front:

Hello. Pharmacy will be closed
for holidays from December 23 to January 3rd.
Happy Holidays!

Um. 10 days? This isn't the idiotic gift shops that populate every other block selling handcrafted jewelry and unusual objects - you own a drugstore!
Usually, the key to success in this business is that repeat business thing. People need their pharmaceutical products and they need them on a regular basis.

This past weekend? Closed Saturday.
Random days during the week? You'll find a sign out front saying something along the lines of "Closed due to illness in family" or "We will open later today".

I want to slap them
Why did you open a store if you can't actually keep it open? Sure, shit happens and you have kids who become sick or you become sick or a mystery dog bites you...
It just seems like maybe more than one person should work there.

They are right up there with the coffee shop that couldn't survive. We live in a very gentrified/transforming area and the whole place is lousy with writers, freelancers, and trust-fund types who wander the streets during the work week.
This coffee shop opens in a perfect and ideal location and can barely survive a month (granted, their coffee and pastries were pretty generic and lame - and even though the space was huge, they somehow laid it out to be really akward and tight).
I went there three times before giving up on their coffee ever getting better.

They are now some sort of club? Or bar? Mystery. But they advertise via magic markers and poster-board taped to their front window. Awesome.

Amazon Café
Speaking of the hood, this weird chain place opened called "Amazon Café". They advertise themselves as some sort of heath food / jamba juice place and claim to be all natural but do combo meals with Pepsi and Lay's Chips.
We went in there once for an iced tea and thought they have some sort of actual tea - but no, it was that Lipton tea crap from the soda fountains.
Natural! Just like from the Amazon!

This place is like a friggin crazy mall.

is it a chain? i went to a crappy amazon cafe in bethlehem PA, thinking (much like you) -- oh! healthy fast-y food-y type place!

crappity crapp crapp "burrito" that consisted of whole wheat flour tortilla, cold brown rice, cold black beans, a handful of shredded cheese and some cold canned diced tomatoes.

so. crappy.
»-b. ||  1/18/2006 ||  1:03:01 AM
jamba juice is the enemy.
»eve ||  1/18/2006 ||  2:27:29 AM
Please don't diss the A/C until you at least try the soups.
»m ||  1/19/2006 ||  10:43:44 AM
mena and I just met the creator of Battlestar Galactica (however you spell it)!!! - he was talking about what he was trying to do with it and all...

It was funny and he was a thing to behold.
»bono swat ||  1/22/2006 ||  4:00:49 AM

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