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Daddy's Gurl 4 Ever

Oh, Dawn
There is this former co-worker from like 20 years ago who has put me on her email list for “FUN EMAILS!!!!!!”. I added her to my blacklist on my email robot, but somehow today she snuck in and there she is in my inbox.
All smug.

The Email
It's a great email where I answer some questions and then scroll all the way day (keep going!!!) and get some sort of revelation or joke or proof that I love the right person or the wrong person or I'm grumpy.

The best part is the fact that it's one of those forwarded forwarded forwards where you actually have to click each friggin little email attachement thing.
For whatever reason, I opened them all and was entertained by two things:

One thing: there were about 10 little attachments I had to open

One other thing: the email addresses were all hilarious.

Who started this whole dumb thing?
(email domains removed (but you can probably figure out which one THEY all were))

yamahasr4gurls did!
Damn you yamahasr4gurls!!
So, our pal yamahasr4gurls then sent it to sweetthangblondie101.

sweetthangblondie101 sent it to angela2009.

Oh, Angela. You're my favorite. Granted your email address isn't very catchy, but you are plucky. Not only did you forward it to trucksr4redneckgurls, but you also sent it back to sweetthangblondie101.
Awesome! Hopefully sweetthangblondie101 will find even more true love!!

Oh. Sorry.

So, angela2009 sends it to trucksr4redneckgurls.
Yea! trucksr4redneckgurls! You know what I am talking about!!

Assuming this now took place at a truck stop, trucksr4redneckgurls sent it to their best pal BabySapphire91 who then turned it around quickly (no, really – within minutes) and sent it to daddysgurl4ever.

Aren't we all daddy's girl? Forever?

daddysgurl4ever, feeling the parental love that is so important these days, then forwarded it to healingrain89.

Healing grain?
Ol' grainy sent it to ttownchick16.

T-Town Chick is in the house – and while in the house, she sent an email to Dawn.

Dawn, then sent it to me.
Awesome internet power!! Bring people together!!

OK, let's review:
(back to sweetthangblondie101)

All those girls are actually hairy-backed men in stained t-shirts and torn boxers who smell like bulgur wheat for some reason.
»jb ||  1/13/2006 ||  12:03:14 PM
Rich, I know this isn't the right place on the site to tell you this, but I don't know how else to do it, and your life will be richer (no pun intended) if you see this:
"Woman Keeps One-Eyed Kitten's Body In Freezer"
the link:
P.S Do you know who I am?

»alysse ||  1/13/2006 ||  12:10:03 PM
i'm scared
»pony ||  1/13/2006 ||  12:10:33 PM
badgurl with hugs 4life?? i'm enchanted. I can almost hear Arnold Schwarznegger saying "You know you're ze gurl of my dreams."
»victoria ||  1/13/2006 ||  12:27:14 PM
Alysse? Do I know who you are? I don't know if I know who are you are.
I worked with an Alyssa once and a Alisa.

Are you that girl from Canton Ohio that I met while in the emergency room on boxing day?
»:r ||  1/13/2006 ||  12:35:54 PM
I know you through Blaine. But the important point is, did you look at the cute kitten?
»alysse ||  1/13/2006 ||  1:18:52 PM
I heart T-Town Chick.
»eve ||  1/13/2006 ||  1:32:48 PM
i've been told that i need to offer your a column here on the robot.

click ye' olde contact form to, er, contact me.
if interested.
»:r ||  1/13/2006 ||  1:53:24 PM
i can't help but wonder what yamahasr4gurls would think of the name "happyrobot".
»mrs. robot ||  1/13/2006 ||  2:59:18 PM
those email addresses sooooo belong to 52 year old divorcees!
»lisa ||  1/13/2006 ||  3:07:06 PM
hi alysse!
»matty j ||  1/13/2006 ||  3:14:09 PM
hi matt! cute kid you've got there.
»alysse ||  1/13/2006 ||  3:52:38 PM
i'm all for a new robot whose first entry is that kitten link.
»cryfok ||  1/13/2006 ||  4:00:11 PM
All those girls are actually hairy-backed men in stained t-shirts and torn boxers who smell like bulgur wheat for some reason.
- jb || 1/13/2006 || 12:03:14 PM

okay... after this, I vote today funniest day on happyrobot ever.
»katie ||  1/13/2006 ||  5:36:47 PM
»ha ||  11/24/2009 ||  10:57:21 PM

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