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Things the National Security Agency's domestic eavesdropping program has learned from wiretapping my phone

1. I like my lamb vindaloo medium spicy

2. I also need an extra order of rice

3. My mom wants to know what I want for my birthday

4. You sent us the wrong order, we wanted the large dumpling soup but you sent us some sort of fried dumpling thing.

5. No, a large soup.

6. My mother-in-law had a nice day with the grandkids.

7. The birthday party starts at six for the people with babies but will go pretty late for the people without babies.

8. My dad wants to know what we are having for dinner.

9. Half Cubano sandwhich and a side of the plantains. We'll pick it up in 10 minutes.

10. I'm going to be late getting into work today. Call me on my cell if anything comes up.

can i come to your birthday party?
»pony ||  1/23/2006 ||  1:33:12 PM
actually. that was someone else's birthday party. i am not sure if i am having one.
»:r ||  1/23/2006 ||  1:41:25 PM
oh we know WAY more than that my your back.
»kmac ||  1/23/2006 ||  4:20:48 PM
omg this is hysterical -- i wonder what they've gleaned from my recent convos. jeeessssuuuusss. tho i have ordered chinese. (food)
»mina ||  1/23/2006 ||  10:18:18 PM
The NSA will have learned that I never pick up my landline unless its my mother calling collect from Puerto Rico. Then the conversation sounds like "Yes, Ma, I sent the rent check. I mailed it Friday - you will get it Monday." Ad infinitum.
»liz ||  1/24/2006 ||  11:06:02 PM
all that take-out food sounds yum--they probably salivate uncontrollably.
»vera ||  1/25/2006 ||  1:09:07 AM

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