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I shouldnt be writing this (what with the snakes and all)

Flight 93
A&E is doing a TV movie about the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania (dorkiest state in the union) during 9-11. The NYT wrote a nice review of the movie and I don't mean to make fun of the tragedy or disrespect the dead, but whenever I see the ads for this movie, I want to doodle snakes on the plane.

Winter is all mellow
I fear it will sneak up on us any day now. All frosty and chilly.

It's all Aeron chairs
My end of the robot has been a bit quiet recently. At Cubicle World, we just moved and it was quite an event.
Now, the issue is of course that even though we have profits of like a trillion dollars it's a small company still.
Small in the grand scheme of things.

So, starting sometime last week I spent most of my time throwing stuff away. That was fun and sad at the same time.

Fun Time
It was great fun to throw out critical documents from our old parent company. Every time I dump a file with their system passwords or secret bank account numbers I would holler, "Fuck all ya'll fuckers!".
Co-workers complained after a day of that.

Sad Time
Well, not really sad sad, but we threw out so much technology stuff. Zip drives. Old circa-1988 Blackberry devices. Hundreds of network cards (unwrapped) for the old network system that may have used the cup string cup protocol.

Hello Construction
This past weekend I spent a lot of time hanging and doing stuff at the new space. It was kind of fascinating being that it was the last weekend before we opened for business. There were all these teams of people all working crazy fast on all these projects and somehow not getting in each other's way.
Electricians, construction guys, designers, AC guys, IT guys, AV guys, other IT guys, phone guys, plumbing guys.. it was nuts - but a crazy/awesome experience to play a very minor role in the creation of this uber-cool new space.

I'm exhausted and a bit sore - but it was all pretty cool.

For those of you playing along at home, so far we have had...

Love Love those Lovers
Love Lovers
Love and the Heirophant
Love Emperor
Empress Love
Love Priestess
Love Magician
Love Fool

how can you say "dorkiest state in the union"?

we got amish, mothafucka!
»n8 ||  1/30/2006 ||  11:39:38 PM
the original title was "Snakes on a Plane"

»pony ||  1/31/2006 ||  1:14:41 PM
"Love Snakes On The Love Plane?"
»dorf ||  1/31/2006 ||  1:33:48 PM
You forgot, "Love Amish Snake Planes"

Plus you shoulda gievn me all that old tech crap, as I could've stored it in my closet.
»jb ||  1/31/2006 ||  2:38:47 PM
omg this was hysterical!!
»mina ||  1/31/2006 ||  4:18:29 PM

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