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Seven Years Later

Happy Robot Birthday
Dude. Seven Years! This damn thing has been running for seven years.
That's like a life time in internet years.

In pre-school, my childhood chum George would always say that I wore the same "number 7" shirt every day. I remember being quite fond of that shirt as well as one that I think had an eight on it.

Seven years of stuff...
robot filter posts: 3,856
robot filter comments: 5,324

words entries: 6,246
words comments: 19,964

media reviews: 1,120
(record, books, movies)

Who's writing all this stuff?
Pony adina 1137
Robot Journal rich 544
Lisa Says lisa may 509
Nutshell Kingdom blaine 354
Art Colony victoria 309
Words from Kristen kristen 297
Solstice kristen 281
Cootie Girl kelly 257
Letters from Pat pat 242
elanamatic elanamatic 235
Honky Cracker chris 213
Film and Television Rights john ball 147
Sunshine Jen jen 146
Poop Beetle anne 140
Klutch.xls klutch.xls 139
Learning to Fall nate 138
Post-Modern Drunkard Stu 131
Medium Pimping raquel 88
Tropical Depression Eve 87
Road Dust vera 82
Tim! tim 71
Gator Country mina 69
Ornithopter Collin 62
The Wrong Squid erik 59
Teen News eric w 55
Dog Years jason 51
Get his Hat JohnLawton 39
The way I see it ericS 39
River Rat nate 35
Adult Content jessica 32
My so-called phone sex life genevieve 24
Accounting for Everything genevieve 23
Upgrown and Overblown alec 23
Navel Lint beth 15
Art Colony katie 14
EndTimeWorks todd 13
State Lines rider 11
A Heart Shaped State J. Wray 8

That was a good idea Scott

Seven Common Themes
This morning I was looking through the database at all the words and thought I'd group some of the more common themes I came across...

Happy Birthday
  • happy birfday, b.f.!
  • happy birthday america
  • happy birthday baby jeebus
  • happy birthday chris
  • happy birthday grams
  • happy birthday joey
  • happy birthday john ball, jr.
  • happy birthday karla
  • happy birthday pony
  • happy birthday rich
  • happy birthday to you!
  • happy birthday victoria!
  • happy birthday, jackie
  • happy birthday, lisa may terwilliger
  • happy birthday, sydney!

    Just Don't
  • don't be a hater (please)
  • don't cry, dry your eye . . .
  • don't drink the subway sludge!
  • don't go talking too loud, you'll cause a landslide
  • don't hate the nader. hate the game.
  • don't mess with my tuk tuk
  • don't panic!
  • don't run in heels
  • don't tell.
  • don't touch your mustache
  • don't tread on me
  • don't want you to be a trucker, baby
  • don't you wish your girlfriend could cook like me

    I am
  • i am a friggin computer genius
  • i am a painter
  • i am a shitty cook
  • i am a sick man. i am a spiteful man...
  • i am a thorn, i'm told
  • i am andy griffith
  • i am andy kaufman
  • i am carson daly
  • i am cheating on you.
  • i am eating my way through southeast asia.
  • i am going to iceland
  • i am joe's liver
  • i am judging you
  • i am my neighbor
  • i am not a drama queen. or am i?
  • i am not john ball
  • i am not your blog
  • i am older than i have ever been
  • i am oliver twist, sir
  • i am seersucker suit, white bucks
  • i am so going to get burned for writing this:
  • i am somewhere else
  • i am stupid. that is why i decided to post this still
  • i am superman
  • i am thankful for the robot
  • i am the arlington massachusetts police blotter
  • i am the ghost of the bloody finger
  • i am the secret santa
  • i am the sex
  • i am the weekend weather.
  • i am weakest link
  • i am wearing my favorite smashing brown slacks - dig em!
  • i am woman, hear me roar, though you've heard this song before
  • i am zhe terminator

    I was
  • i was a teenage cenobite
  • i was cleaning the bathroom
  • i was half-way to the office when the drugs began to take hold...
  • i was the pilsbury dough boy
  • i was unrecognizable to myself
  • i was.
  • i wasn't born yesterday

  • i love cameras
  • i love cobras
  • i love connecticut
  • i love lovers
  • i love me a sausage parade
  • i love message boards
  • i love sunsets
  • i love talking to people!
  • i love the frontline

  • my mom thinks i'm cool!
  • my mother
  • my mother is a fish
  • my mother thinks i'm underperforming
  • my mother visits psychics

    Open Letters
  • an open letter of apology to the hosts and guests of the party i attended on friday night
  • an open letter to john kerry and all of the other loser democrats
  • an open letter to kanye west
  • an open letter to my advisor & y'all
  • an open letter to my ex-boss
  • an open letter to my tormentors
  • an open letter to nhl fans and the continental arena
  • an open letter to the ladies of the red line

    Open Letters that begin with "Dear"
  • dear 1988 me
  • dear 4 people i see every day on my way to work (but never speak to)
  • dear adina + naked babies
  • dear adina's rat an open letter from my cat
  • dear all flash users...
  • dear bad mood
  • dear brian husky
  • dear california
  • dear coworker: the sight of your legs wrapped in pantyhose makes me want to commit crimes.
  • dear dear
  • dear diary
  • dear girl who gave me the snotty look
  • dear grandmother
  • dear h.c.
  • dear harrison ford
  • dear ikea: get bent
  • dear january
  • dear katie
  • dear lisa
  • dear loo
  • dear lost in louisburg, i have the answer...
  • dear matthew shultz
  • dear mayor bloomberg
  • dear mom
  • dear mr. and mrs. voterpants,
  • dear mr. peanut
  • dear nhl,
  • dear person who hasn't voted yet
  • dear person who is about to vote, or what i did during brain vacation by yellow dog jason darden
  • dear president bush
  • dear rattie
  • dear registered voter
  • dear rich
  • dear santa
  • dear santa
  • dear sienna miller
  • dear sister
  • dear smelly person in my cyclefit class,
  • dear terrorists
  • dear the riaa
  • dear winter:
  • dear world,

  • holy crap. seven years IS a long time in internet years.
    »n8 ||  2/3/2006 ||  12:20:44 PM
    Happy Birthday, Rich. You *do* change the world.
    »pony ||  2/3/2006 ||  12:37:22 PM
    how many of the comments are re; jj redick writes poetry?
    »3pk ||  2/3/2006 ||  12:57:47 PM
    holy crap, pony, you are a posting fool!
    »lisa ||  2/3/2006 ||  1:10:00 PM
    happy birthday dear robot!
    »elanamatic ||  2/3/2006 ||  2:44:44 PM
    yea, but Pony has been doing it for like... 4 years. :)

    Lisa is sneaking up on me.. I gotta start posting!
    »:r ||  2/3/2006 ||  2:55:02 PM
    Happy Birthday Robot Master!!!

    I think you rock and will make all of us RICH and famous.

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the mammeries!
    »kristen ||  2/3/2006 ||  4:21:41 PM
    holy crap! it's weird to read old things i've written. mad props to you, Rich!
    »victoria ||  2/3/2006 ||  6:16:38 PM
    well done sir.
    »jb ||  2/5/2006 ||  4:04:38 PM
    It's just cRaZy to think my nephew is seven years old and so is the robot and so is my nephew, seven years old, and and...well that's just nutzo and awesome at the same time...thank you robots for making my life at work so much better than it ever was before. where was I going with this?
    »binx ||  2/5/2006 ||  7:05:52 PM

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