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For Eve: My tardy rave about

Dear Eve,

The rave
Love the
Love its lo-fi text only layout.
Love its simplicity.
Love the new Firefox extension thingy.
(I am Solstice.)

What is
It's a way to store your bookmarks in a central place on the web.

OK.. so?
Well, as a "internet professional" I tend to jump around between many computers at home and at work.
Using to keep track of links and being able to bounce between computers and have access to those links all the time is a pretty awesome thing.

Like Flickr and a ton of other sites, they employ a whole "tag" system for tagging items. It's super handy (although mine are a bit messy these days)

The tags help create the whole social networking thing something that people who take the web way too seriously always seem to cheer about in regards to (whereas I use it to keep track of shoes I want to buy).
Like other sites, you can search your tags as well as everyone else's tags.
For instance, you can search the whole site for items tagged with pants.

Let's say you want to bookmark a site let's use the Bonny Doon Winery website.

You click the button or link or however you do it in your world to save the website's info to your account.

On the little page that will pop up, it will allow you to assign tags to the site (so, in my case I used "wine central coast") but the cool thing is that you can see what tags other users assigned for that same site. In this case, they weren't very exciting ("California" and "Wine") but it's cool to see how other people may classify something.

In your own list of links, you can see the total number of people that linked to the same site and then naturally see what else those people linked to as well.

Um. OK. That's my rave.

Wow. Totally cool. I'm sold.
»eve ||  2/12/2006 ||  11:58:15 PM
You are a raver. Fweet! Fweet!
»cromulent ||  2/13/2006 ||  9:52:04 AM
I love the Except I can never remember where to put the periods.

It's great, especially if you're using Firefox (you are using Firefox, right everyone?)
»stu ||  2/13/2006 ||  10:23:50 AM
I've been to that winery. Tasty. Also, a nice beach.
»jb ||  2/13/2006 ||  3:12:02 PM
wowsers, hearing about that - and what it can do - makes my head spin - TECHNOLOGY TODAY !!! Egads! - and what you do for a living with all that internet connection. Boggles my mind. I feel very behind the times and brave new world all at once...

Happy East Coast Valentine's Day.

Love love
»kristen ||  2/14/2006 ||  12:20:59 AM
Ok. I am now officially addicted to
»eve ||  2/28/2006 ||  7:45:55 PM

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