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A horse grows in Brooklyn

There are so many nutty things about our apartment building. A lot it may be due to the fact that it's rent-stablized and we have people living who have been there for a million years and pay $7 a month and who also happen to all be eccentric and/or crazy.

The breezeway area is our trashcan filled courtyard where neighbors meet in passing and check out each others trash.
It's also where some neighbors liked to stand in a bath towel and talk on the phone.

There's a horse somewhere
This all means that we were not shocked to come across an empty bag of horse feed while taking out the trash.

Apparently, amongst the messenger-bagged gentrifiers and the crazy old-schoolers, we also have a horse.
Or a pony.

Mrs. Robot will not let me rest if she finds out that someone else in the building has a pony.

1. How do you keep the horse from clomping around too loudly? This building is not sound-proof and I can only imagine that having horse hoofs hitting the hardwood would make quite a racket.
Maybe they put down plastic and some hay?

2. Does the horse ever go out? He'd have to, you'd think. How do you get a horse up and down the stairs without attracting the attention of the super?

3. Is his name Clompers?

I guess this also explains the big, empty bag of carrots.

Richie Havens lives in your building? And has a horse?
»3pk ||  3/16/2007 ||  12:33:42 PM
didn't you buy your wife a horse?
»stu ||  3/16/2007 ||  12:43:39 PM
didn't Stu fist a horse in front of your wife?
»3pk ||  3/16/2007 ||  12:50:17 PM
oh crap. you're right. i totally forgot about that pony.
»:r ||  3/16/2007 ||  1:17:30 PM
i'm afraid to even think that someone could possibly be using horse food as cheap human food...possibly?
»lisa ||  3/17/2007 ||  12:09:43 PM

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