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April: Last Half of the Month in Review

Roller Derby!

Holy crap! Who doesn’t like watching ladies on roller skates going a million miles an hour and knocking each other off the track. Great fun.
We went and saw the first bout of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby.
First: I like ladies.
Second: They are awesome skaters.
Third: There was a real cowboy doing rope tricks during half-time.

You should go. I’d recommend paying extra for the VIP tickets because those “seats” are on the floor inches away from the track. And they will crash into you.
In all fairness, the rest of my party disagreed with me on this point and thought they would sit in the regular seats next time and didn’t think the possibility of having people crashing into us at high speed (no matter if they were pretty girls or not) was a fun idea.

Hotel Bar Club!
Hotel Bar Club
Former robot-er Raq hooked us up with her pals who do a monthly club thing called “Hotel Bar Club”. It’s pretty straightforward: you go to fancy hotel bars and have fancy (and usually high-priced) cocktails. We joined them for their excursion to the Old King Cole bar at the St. Regis Hotel – they have those fancy murals there!

Hotel Bar Club is a clever idea and I wished I had thought of it.

The Russian Vodka Room
We had a late post-Hotel Bar Club dinner that night at the Russian Vodka Room. Vodka! We did their vodka sampler and had all sorts of lovely flavored vodkas including my favorite which was horseradish (it was great, but I was still tasting it the next morning).
Now, it was late and I was starving, but we had a pretty decent meal there as well.
In other news, I don’t recommend going to the Russian Vodka Room after an evening spent doing Hotel Bar Club.

Reading at Roots & Vine
We’ve also gone to quite a few readings for Mrs. John Ball’s new book. In the photo above, you will note that John Ball Jr. is very politely sitting on the front row drawing a portrait of his mother with his little drawing machine.
Good times!

My credit card company gave me a new card because some sort of breech (BREEECH!) of security on their end. This means that my life recently has been annoying as I have to go and update various AUTO-PAY services and online accounts and brothels.
I was on Amazon the other night and had the desire to purchase an MP3. I found the MP3 I wanted and clicked ‘download’ or ‘buy’ or whatever it is that we click.

The file downloaded and I was sent to a page that said something like “Awesome. You got it! Woooo!”. I loaded the song onto my music playing robot and went to bed.
This next morning I find an email from Amazon saying that they have to cancel my order because my credit card information was out of date.

So, they canceled the order. The order for the MP3. The one I had already downloaded.

Hmmm. Seems like a pretty basic flaw in their e-commerce model.

Customer Serviced!
In regards to the credit card issue, I had to change my auto-pay on my AT&T account. Something went wonky. I called AT&T and was connected to the friendliest guy who straightened it all out (complete with a southern accent (as if they knew I’d respond well to that?)).
But it was great customer service. I am shocked for some reason.

I bought one of those wallets that Stu recommended.
It’s way dorky but way functional. They are known for being slim and they really are. Crazy slim!
(“Crazy Slim” will be the name of my country & western alter-ego)

so some night, we can all go to the roller derby with Crazy Slim.

Russian Vodka room rocks my world! Glad to see it's still there.

»j ||  5/5/2009 ||  1:49:33 PM
Klutch and I used to do a Hotel Bar Club type thing when we lived in Boston. Though it usually involved us pretending to be rappers with British accents and committing acts of social terrorism, like putting all the honey roasted peanuts in our mouths and spitting them back in the dish. We thought we were anarchists. We were really just assholes.
»chris ||  5/5/2009 ||  2:49:59 PM
i recently switched our home and internet to at&t and their customer service is freaky nice. i think they drug them, that's how nice and helpful they are.
»lisa ||  5/5/2009 ||  4:48:26 PM
AT&T can afford good customer service because they are charging us as much for iPhone service as I pay in rent.
»stu ||  5/5/2009 ||  5:39:24 PM
so your rent is $15 more than my bill at Verizon was?
»:r ||  5/5/2009 ||  6:20:00 PM
Bed-Stuy's very cheap.
»stu ||  5/5/2009 ||  6:22:35 PM
I had the same experience with AT&T when purchasing a new phone and plan. The guy who helped me was unbelievably nice. AT&T was about $80 cheaper than Verizon in start up costs and works in other countries. I hate verizon.
»eve ||  5/6/2009 ||  8:59:25 AM

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