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You use a pink ribbon on your bag just like me!

Scene from the aeroporto
Here we are in the lovely LGA waiting for the robot machine to deliver our bag to us (full of contraband (yellow cake (actually, pound cake))). This woman in her 50's scoots by me to grab a bag on the carosel. After she pulls it off, she looks closer and then realizes that it isn't her bag.
"They put a pink ribbon on their bag just like I do!", she exclaims to a random guy.
My brain tells my eyes to roll.

Next there is this whole family that were getting their bags. I was smirking because they all looked straight out of that Gotti TV show - the sons were all gold chains and kissy-face fake tans. They gather all their bags and I notice that mom Gotti-family picked up the bag with the pink ribbon - the bag with the pink ribbon!
Out of nowhere comes the womain who exclaims, "You use a pink ribbon on your bag just like me!!"
Gotti mom is all like, "Yup! I like pink ribbons."

The End.

Back in the day when my pal Taiwai and I were trying to eat in every sushi restaurant in the city, Tomoe was the one that I just never got around to going to.
Maybe it was the stupid long lines that began to form in the afternoon. Or the fact that it seemed a bit too college-crowdy-y.
The other night we had been at Honky Cracker's birthday drinks get together and felt the need to take off and find a proper dinner. We walked past Tomoe and Mrs. Robot mentioned that we had never been there. Maybe tonight?
I tell her I'll see what the wait is. There was no wait. Nifty.
So, we finally ate at Tomoe. Everything was... good. I had the sashimi dinner and she got various rolls and sushi. It was good with hints of great. The salmon, something I like but don't find that exciting, was actually the highlight of the evening - it was like butter. Like the tuna should have been, actually.
It was good. Would it be worth a long wait? Not really.

Speaking of sushi
Yama, around the corner from Tomoe, is not there anymore.
No more overly large sushi for Houston street (probably best).

Speaking of sushi

At Tomoe, they have this great print of cats eating sushi. I am searching for someplace that might have a copy of it. Let me know if you come across it.

Cat Blogging
We were out of town this past weekend and had to hire lovely dog/cat sitters to look after Robot Cancer Cat. Being that she needs pills of various types, there were a few issues.
1. She requires pills
2. She doesn’t like people
3. She doesn’t like pills
4. The cat sitter assigned to us had never pilled a cat before

Over the course of our short little vacation, we would get voicemails updating us as to what was happening with the cat and the pills. It seemed to be going… fine. She said that she got a pill or two in and one day brought reinforcements to assist.
When we got home, the apartment wasn’t trashed or messed up, but you could tell that a great battle had taken place. There was more fur on the floor than usual. We also found three pills in various places (she apparently had pretended to swallow them and the cat sitter wasn’t thorough in checking).
Blah blah blah.

The point is that we got a call from the cat sitting service to say that while they are more than happy to take care of Robot Cancer Cat, they will not be administrating medicine to her. Ever again.
Apparently it didn’t go that well.

Things about the Facebook
Oh, Facesbooks.
First, it seems like people of all sorts are hooking up and then pitching woo to each other across the Facesbooks - especially my long lost high school classmates. Mid-life crisis + Facesbooks = Pitching woo status updates.
Second, the FaceSpace is such a monumental time waster. Not that happyrobot or most the web isn't. It's just that I seem to check it way too much.
Third, what is up with the whole world getting a BookFace account and trying to friend me?
Your mom? Yup.
The minister who officiated my wedding? Yup.
The cat sitter who will never cat sit for us again? Probably.
You know... it's beginning to cramp my "style".

Fourth, last week I had all sorts of "so-and-so is not in a relationship with so-and-so" and "so-and-so doesn't work at someplace anymore" and "long lost high school friend is engaged to another long lost high school friend". All transitional last week.

Fifth, when re-connecting with some long lost friends, you sometimes get reminded why they were long lost in the first place (although this applies to none of MY friends of course).

FYI: I will never use the word "tweet" except when talking about little birds.
My promise to you.

I'm sorry my break-up was hard on you, Facebook-wise.
»stu ||  5/28/2009 ||  2:56:10 PM
There were others.
»:r ||  5/28/2009 ||  3:21:40 PM
@happyrobot re: tweet - you just hate having vernacular spoonfed to you by The Man, homey.
»pony ||  5/28/2009 ||  4:17:52 PM
@pony thanks! :)
»:r ||  5/28/2009 ||  5:08:17 PM
RT: @pony @happyrobot re: tweet - you just hate having vernacular spoonfed to you by The Man, homey.
»stu ||  5/28/2009 ||  5:18:16 PM
my heart is warm for you.
»kristen ||  5/29/2009 ||  3:17:48 PM
I'll tweet you, you stupid punks. Get off my internet lawn.
»voice of god ||  5/29/2009 ||  4:32:22 PM
Just think of the marketing opportunities!
»voice of the devil ||  5/29/2009 ||  4:33:08 PM
We don't need no punctuation.
»the pink floyd kids ||  5/29/2009 ||  4:37:07 PM
(not a word)
»a hammerhead shark ||  5/29/2009 ||  4:37:41 PM
This too will pass. Hey, I sound just like Dizzy Gillespie.
»voice of father time ||  5/29/2009 ||  4:39:54 PM
i googled "cats eating sushi print" and your post was like the fourth thing that came up. i will not rest until i find it!
»lisa ||  5/29/2009 ||  8:08:11 PM
@RichRobotTweetFace: I love that you publish the least attractive picture of me EVER!

I don't doubt your photographical skills. But I must come to terms with the fact that I am, indeed, that ugly.
»chris ||  5/31/2009 ||  5:25:49 AM
that cats eating sushi pic is rad!
»elananano ||  6/1/2009 ||  2:51:50 PM

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