The True Family
When I was in college there were these two fellas named Jack and Roger True. They were brothers and also sang country music together.
I have a whole page about them on happyrobot, actually: True & True

I never met their father, but he was a town icon. Every year Mr. True decorated his house and yard with tons of Christmas decorations and would sit on his porch in a santa outfit greeting the neighborhood children with candy.

It was pretty cool.

One day I hung out with Jack and Roger at their house - they spent hours showing me their photo albums and things. They had just been featured on a local news show (you know, like a feature called "Steve's People" or someshit like that). When their father saw them on TV, he got so excited that he had a heart attack.
That was about 11 years ago, and I am sure he recovered - but I always thought it was a ?cute/sweet? reaction to seeing his sons on TV

Mr. True passed away this week.

(thanks to my grandmother for mailing me the actual article)

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