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man, these 20 milers are starting to get a little boring old man

Runtime Error: About time for a taper


First, a shout out to Becky who ran a 50k this weekend.  Amazing.

I ran my last 20 mile training run today. From here on out it's all about tapering. Keeping up the fitness and drawing down the miles for three weeks and then, the big day.

April, 16. Marathon Monday. Best day of the year.

Today was kind of great. Temp in the 40's and overcast. NO WIND! Most likely cause I changed up my long run routine and ran the Minuteman Bike Path instead of along the Charles. It was great to do this run since my first 3 years of running were mostly on this path when we lived in stupid Arlington (dumb, stupid, Arlington.) And it's not 100% windy both out and back.  Actually, it's downhill on the way back wheich gave me a nice negative split and allowed me to hit my goal average training pace for the day.

But . . . I am exhausted. I assume most people training for the marathon are in the same place right now. No matter what your trainign program, 3 weeks before and we've all put in as much as we can for the past 10, 12, 16 weeks.

A lot of the trouble now is the mental fatigue. Getting the motivation to go out and run that 20. Blocking out those 3-4 hours it takes to get ready and to run. The additional hour or two to recover, relax, nap. Whatever is needed.

I was thinking today that I am REALLY looking forward to running for ME again. Going out for a 3 mile run if I want to. Or an 8 or a 10. Not being tied to a schedule and not having to put in 18 or 20 every weekend.

But I think that is just the mental fatigue setting in again. I am positive that when I am done with this I am going to be searching for my next goal right away.

Riding my bike to see all yall in NYC?

Taking the inspiration from Ms. BP and looking for an ultra?

Signing up for NYC or Chicago in the fall?

Or maybe just taking it as it comes, and going out for that relaxing, meditative 5 miler on the weekend and then having a beer.

That sounds nice right about now.

I'm running the Boston Marathon with team AccesSportAmerica. Please support me by donating today! Click here, it's easy and fun: http://www.crowdrise.com/crosol

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man, these 20 milers are starting to get a little boring old man

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