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old man i got 5 on it

Runtime Error: Get outta my way

One week to go until the marathon and I need to start getting my act together (I should probably start training or something, yikes!). I need to have a plan to get through this week and somehow find myself in Hopkinton next Monday morning at some ungodly hour.

This week is busy with a work event tomorrow night, a team event on Thursday evening, a few training sessions and the marathon expo starting Friday.

I went to the expo last year to pick up my bib # for the marathon-weekend 5k, but in some way felt like I didn't belong. This year I am going to go, maybe more than once, and really savor the experience.

This is likely my one and only Boston Marathon. The charity fundraising goal is high, and I'd have to shave off more time than I could ever manage if I wanted to be an automatic qualifier.

My big fear right now is that I end up in Hopkinton on Monday wearing the wrong socks, or not having any shoes. It's like the actor's nightmare but for running.

So, here's my weekly to-do list. Let me know if I am missing anything! I've got to pack it all in and giterdone.

1. Tailor my outfit

I am wering a red satin team AccesSportAmerica tank that they gave us in order to spread the word about the charity. I'll be wearing a running shirt under this but the cut of the tank is all wrong. I need to bring up the neck line a bit and re-sew the shoulders

2. Watch my weight

I am convinced that since I am not running as much this week but continue to eat constantly, I am going to put on 15 pounds by Monday. That would definitely put my goal time into question

3. Create the ultimate 50ish minute playlist

I don't plan to run with music; the cheering crowd is something I want to take in for as long as possible. BUT, I may need something to get me through those last 6.2 miles so I'll pocket an old iPod shuffle that's hanging around. Thank god Kylie Minogue can help me out of any bind. This song will be the anchor:

Add in some Katy Perry, some Modeselektor, something produced by Timbaland, and I should be all set

4. Here's where I need your help!

I need to get my name on my outfit and written on my arm or something so people can cheer me on. We've always cheered for people wearing yellow (go yellow!) but I can't wear any cause of my red satin top. We also cheer for canadians (hi Pony) but I'm not canadian and don't want to misrepresent.

I am thinking of going with "CROSOL" since that's what everyone calls me and "Go Chris" is beyond boring. "Klutch" might be a bit presumptous, and also, it's my friend's nickname, not mine.

Is "CROSOL" easy to see and scream?

5. How the fuck do I get to hopkinton?

I'm running the Boston Marathon with team AccesSportAmerica. Please support me by donating today! Click here, it's easy and fun: http://www.crowdrise.com/crosol

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old man i got 5 on it

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