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Tuesday, February 8, 2005 (i)

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Yep definitely PMS, I have the chin spot sprouting as we speak. I'll probably be in a grand mood tomorrow and talk of fairies and hopes and self confidence and art.

but not today.

and me without any wild yams.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005
KCRW just was playing a cheery tune. The lyric was "twenty years of sleep then we sleep forever"... Ahhh my sentiments exactly. Except with myself, I suppose I would guess "forty years of sleep then..."

Ahhhhh gentle reader. I totally tipped my hand yesterday. There has been a matter of which I have invested much topicality in my brain. I have feebed.

I am in a much better mood today which heralds (sorry boys) tomorrow as the banner red day.

Now to get a job etc. Mark and I have decided that the best way to get me non-horrific is to get me independent. I have felt smothered. I have made myself a wife when no one asked me too. I have created structures that serve no purpose. I question.

I'm also almost out of the chock full o' nuts coffee so that I can go back to glorious, guilt free (for now) free trade organic....

Shalll I regal you with a few tales of the homeless?

I randomly give money. My friend stephen used to always give money to homeless, and it was so attractive to me. So in my never ending effort to be attractive (for now)..... some observations on santa monica's homeless.

1. the busker playing "imagine" on the promenade where you could literally see banana republic bags passing a trash can that was beeing mined.
2. I now leave my leftovers on top of trashcans. (usually just bread or beans and rice – I'm quite an eater) – when usually I wouldn't even get a togo.
3. Since they are by law not allowed to ask you for money, it is sometimes tricky.
4. I recently gave to a just waking up sad black homeless. I asked him if he wanted a dollar. I was digging through my hordes of fives looking for a one... and he said ‘just drop the money'. I was thinking he meant give it all to him, and I laughed... but he meant to drop it on the ground so that he could pick it up. Thanks ronald reagan. Asshole.
5. On Le Show, al franken calls santa monica the home of the homeless, and it's not bad
6. Yesterday, I saw a nice neat homeless cart. I thought to myself that it must be new homeless.

A bit shorter than yesterday's scared, angry, frustrated, love-lorn diatribe, eh?

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