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Tuesday, February 8, 2005 (i)

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- one more thing about the homeless: you see about one woman homeless for ever 17 men. Where do the women go? Sex slavery. Marriages with assholes? Stay home and protect the box? sooooo sorrry.

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday.

KCRW is playing my favorite cocteau twins song, and I was just thinking that I should get a cocteau twins album. Sometimes they are just the thing.


Ahhhh reader, I am afraid of the future. But today it is 60's and sunny and I'm drinking coffee waiting to go to the acupuncturist then walk my three sweet non-judgmental pups.

Then I only have one job so far and that is an artist model gig on Saturday. I hope I don't get raped.

I'm pretty sure it's legit as I've seen his art gallery online.

Ahhhhhh. Life.

Thanks for reading. It makes me feel better to have a message in a bottle than a bottled up message.

Boring I may be. Song is over. Back to drinking the last of my coffee on the balcony overlooking the parking deck (but with a view of the mountains to the north).

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