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Wednesday, february 9, 2005 (ii)

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Today is both ash wednesday and chinese new year.

I have a connotation with both. On ash wednesdays, (when i realize it's ash wednesday) I think of sue and I and wooing chuck. Sue was the first person I knew in college that I hadn't known from marietta. She was funny and cool and had a clique of like friends... anyhoo, chuck was in our co-ed dorm.

I had a thing for him. He was to be my first red head. On gathering information about him (his roommate ((kent for those of you of the old column with a soap opera memory)) was sue's boyfriend's childhood friend)..... Sue told me he was catholic and that he would be really impressed if I had a mark on my forehead. We laughed, but why not?

We were headed to smoke on the tracks (sue smoked). These were the awesome train tracks in athens that overlooked the awesome cemetery.
Sue put some cigarette ash on my forehead.

We saw chuck.

I later asked him if he had noticed my cigarette ash. He said maybe, but he was catholic in the way all the catholic boys I now know are.... not really but totally guilty and honourable.

Chinese new years: mark and I always have such crap happen from january to february that we sort of joke that chinese new years will be our REAL start.

The difference between LA and Wilmington. In LA, no one has stuff to make a movie. I guess they all want to make it big. For instance I have a DAT tape and some footage that I wanted to cull together for a narcissi entry in the cuculorus film festival. Even though I know a Big Time editor, I can not get this done without going to a dupe house.

Honestly, 8 minutes of footage with the DAT as the audio track. I can't even find a video camera to borrow to input it into my own 'puter and f- the DAT... alas.

LA (well santa monica) has a kick arse farmers market forth which I commence.

(Also, I now have free trade coffee. decided not to do nutmeg this morning. The chock full-o-nuts is in the back cupboard for guests and/or 'emergencies').


Does anyone know what a pumelo is? I just bought one ($1/#) at the market. Ah well.

Do you ever just think ach, what would have happened had I never had that stupid night that made all those stupid things happen? pain my peeps.

Also, I forgot to give a shout out to Alec Ferrell for his birthday yesterday (27 such a fabulous age - in fact I feel stuck in 27). He's a fellow bipole (I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I out-ed him - hell carrie fisher made it OK for all of us.... if princess leia is....)

Off to walk, Naya then Angus then Bailey and lastly Nalu and JR.

(well, after I eat lunch and ponder the meaning of life a bit longer).

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