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Thursday, February 10th

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Waiting for coffee to brew. i-poding.

Should I really be writing a day in the future as it takes a day or two for my column to post? I shall try that tack as I'm constantly behind the times so to speak... so in that mode:

A shout out to Chuck Dean who turns 34 tomorrow/today (feb. 11). BTW - I was in error when I earlier reported Lily Shag's first birthday as the 11th - it is the 15th.

Yes, Chuck's birthday is 02.11.71. He is part of my interest in observing people that are anagrams of my own birthday (11.20.71) involved in my life. Awhhhh. "ain't even done with the night" is playing on my ipod now. Random is freaky y'all. Chuck loved cougar, and I got to come into the relationship with a previous boyfriend's (dave gober 01.20) knowledge. (I loved "I need a lover who won't drive me crazy")

Don't you love learning music from lovers? One of Kent's ex-girlfriends has such an obvious boyfriend influenced music collection that I just knew she had no mind of her own - stuff like metallica, slayer, pantara, steve miller band, yes cougar. Anyhoo, I digress. Coffee is ready. Radiohead's 'you never wash up after yourself".

Writing about chuck twice in as many days. Well he was very pivotal to me -

Anyhoo, recently I had the numbers thing again (well within the last two years). One important person was 12.10.72 and another was 12.21.80 (unless they were lying) - which I just realized seeing it is only a close approximation of my birthday. you must stretcheth. I do all the time.

Anyhoooooooooooooooooooo. This was to be an ode to fia. A goodbye to her. I have babbled myself into a threepager, but I'll try and make it swift.

I think I have made it clear on earlier posts that most of my core friends are analytical freudian types who whinge and play mind games and have angst in spades. Of course I am just like them.

Jane is different. (Ah just when I wrote that, dolly's 'here you come again' came on. I think jane likes dolly). I don't usually like energetic people who have no guilt. We were sort of set up by our new york friends. When I was sadder than mad in los feliz... leslie kept begging me to get in touch with jane... but I remembered her as a wild nutcase from new york (I had only seen her in two social settings and she crazy).

That said, we coincidentally live two blocks away, and i have since thanked the fates from the bottom of my heart. I adore her.

Her mate Fia visited all january. (Naturally, she was a bit of an elemental shift for me as well). On our first meeting, mark and I took her and jane to see the planetarium and the new photos of titan. It
was hilarious. The man talking was just breaking no nerd cliche's...
Mark called Fia very "street" - which she would likely find hilarious.

She flies back to NYC today. Fia is fabulous. She is like jane, but jane worships HER. Fia is like rhiannon to me. She has (like jane) not a side to her. She is up for anything and has seen it all.

"wild thing" by m. hendrix is playing now. Although it is perfect for Fia, I think I'll fast forward it.

Last night, we went to dan (how that name mixes memory and desire) tana's with a Dan of hers. She seemed to glow. She liked her Dan.
She is leaving lotus land and going back to the land of matchbox cars.

I will miss her presence (it's not like I saw her every day.) She knew things I didn't.

Also a shout out. Eric n'Reba will be our first guests of the new year (we'll say chinese new year as greg gulas would have been the first in white person new year.)

SOLSTICE addendum:

In case of offense, I must report that Dan turek was also a guest of this home this year.
(white new year).

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