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Tuesday, February 15th: Happy Birthday Lily

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Besides my nephew john martin, Baby Lily is my favorite infant so far. She is lovely. I like (dare I say love) my friend kristen even more because she seems to have become a better person having had lily.

I am very picky with children I like. George Webb is the only other child I adore, but I didn't meet him until he was four.

It was hard to choose which cute photo of lily to show you. I know this one is out of focus, but i love it. Partly because she is looking at me in such a trusting "i like you" way... partly because of kristen in the background.

(Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to get pregnant tomorrow because I love a baby.)


1. the art modeling 'job' didn't pan out. The artist never e-mailed me back.

2. Mark wanted me to tell you that every thing he does in the next few weeks is not to please eric w. This includes buying a $300 super 8 projector (we already have one that works).

3. Rule of threes always applies.

4. At the sticky fingers show, I told this stranger - a 22-year old asian who was billed by his buddies as "you don't even know how smart this guy is. He is a genius." - I told him that he would be amazing and special and "make it". I have only told this to one other person: rob courdry.
This isn't really a 'clarification' more of an "i'm curious. do I have the shining?"

Happy Birthday Lily! You will be a star.

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